Australian Animals Rescue Collection

By now we've all seen the tragic scenes of animals injured, hungry and displaced by the catastrophic fires burning their homes and habitat in Australia.  Please join us in helping these wild animals by purchasing cute Koala Bear jewelry and/or plush animals from this collection. 

Together, we can do much to help them and you will have a beautiful piece of jewelry or a cuddly animal to remember the good thing you did for them by purchasing from us.  Please feel free to make a donation to our charity of choice that is on the ground helping animals injured and displaced by the fires, Animal Rescue Cooperative/ARC:  Thank you!  Let's show them some real American love!

For the month of February, we are showing the animals and people of Austrailia our love by donating 10% of the gross sales from our store PLUS ALL of the profit from the items in this collection to WIRES.  We will send them this donation by the 5th of March so it will get to them quickly so it can be put to use as soon as possible to help the animals.  Thank you for shopping with us!

Get your orders in NOW, our products will begin arriving by mid-February for fulfillment.   

Australian Animals Rescue Collection
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