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Our beautiful sanctuary is here because good people care enough to give.  We want the world to be a better place for our being here, you probably do as well!  Thank you for considering making a donation to our organization!  Your trust and support means a lot to us. 

We not only help rescued farm animals, our bigger goal is to touch the hearts and minds of the thousands of visitors every year who come to experience the joy of spending time with real live, farm animals.  These are animals that the average person only experience on a plate.  It is our hope that they make kinder choices after spending time with our amazing animal ambassadors and learning their stories and experiencing them in a beautiful, peaceful setting.  It's truly a unique and magical experience and one we hope becomes transformative for every person who comes through our gates. 

We love unique and fun animal themed things and we wanted to share our passion for those things in a place where they are the norm, rather than the oddity.  We sell high quality, beautiful and unusual things of all types at great prices.  But the best thing about our store is that the money you spend here is used to help the rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary live the best lives possible.  Thank you!

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Give the GIFT of Compassion with a Rooterville Gift Card!
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Gift Wrapping for a DONATION! Holiday Hens, Pigs or Christmas on the Farm
  • From $5.00