Animal Lovers Shop

Hi!  Hey, welcome to our boutique, The Pink Pigs, we're so glad you stopped by to learn more about us.  Let me welcome you to the equivalent of "Tom's Shoes" for animals!  We're not giving animals shoes,that's not it.  What we are doing is taking ALL of the proceeds from every purchase in our store and using that money to do an awesome thing, help rescued animals!

We are NOT a drop shipper selling things from China to be shipped to you in the USA in 4-6 weeks!  MOST of our suppliers are in the USA, we do get some products from China but they ship to us and we stock those items.  We have a physical location, we are a SMALL, woman run business and we care about YOU.  

If you're an animal lover, you are in the right place!  We have so many high quality, animal themed products.  If you are looking for anything from a harp seal to a cow to a bat to an alligator and everything in between (but especially PIGS), you will likely find it right here in our shop.  If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll try to find it for you!  

I, Elaine West, the founder, have been involved in rescuing and helping animals my entire adult life.  I've just always had a love for God's creatures and the beauty of God's Creation.  I founded "Rooterville Animal Sanctuary" over 16 years ago because I wanted to share these amazing animals with people just like you.  We have had thousands and thousands of people visit our sanctuary to have the experience of a lifetime with real, live farm animals and it has been such a blessing to hear of lives being changed for the better after an experience at Rootervllle.  That never gets old.  

A few years ago, I was involved in an accident that left me disabled and not long after, my dear husband died suddenly leaving me nearly crippled with over 400 mouths to feed and a business to run!  So here we are:  The Pink Pigs is a way for us to not only generate revenue for our beloved sanctuary, but also to help give other nonprofits a hand up with our "Charity of the Month" program.  In spite of the hardships of life, and we all have our own, we work very hard here to make a difference and give you awesome products at great prices with the best possible service and we invite you to be a part of the amazing journey God has put us on.  It's no accident that you are here!  I hope we can in some way inspire you to overcome the difficulties and obstacles life has for you.
Animal Lovers Shop
So come on in, take a look around.  We have a lot, I know, but I wanted to be sure that we had something for everyone so that everyone could be a part of the awesome thing we're doing here at The Pink Pigs!  You are so much more than a customer to us, when you shop with us you're a friend and supporter and we're going to treat you like the VIP you are to us.

I hope you give us a try and see for yourself.  We promise you great service.  Typically we ship products the same or next day.  We never know when things will sell out so if you catch us in between orders, it may take a little longer to ship your product, but we'll let you know what to expect when we receive your order. 

We can wait to serve you!  We hope you tell your family and friends about us, that would be amazing!  Please take a look at our website, and follow us on social media for lots of cute animal pics and updates on what is happening here at Rooterville.  If you want to be a part of what Rooterville is about, please consider becoming a monthly member or sponsor one of our sweet animal ambassadors.  Members and monthly donors enjoy 15% off in our gift shop every day!  It's our way of saying "thanks" for the generous support.  If we can be of any help with anything,  including a fundraiser for your good cause, please don't hesitate to ask!  Thanks again for stopping by!                        


Animal Lovers Shop


Rooterville is a nonprofit organization run by some amazing women who care deeply about leaving the world a little better for being here.  We're looking for folks like you who also care about making the world a better place.  Things are not going to get better on their own!  We have to work hard to make a difference and we invite you to join us in doing so.  At our amazing sanctuary, we invite thousands of visitors every year to come and enjoy the experience of a lifetime interacting with our animal "ambassadors" at a real animal sanctuary. 

 animal lovers

Spending time with these special animals is enough to melt the hardest hearts!  Kids especially really enjoy connecting with animals they would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise.  It's so special to see them interacting for the first time with a pig or Admiral Fluffy Boots, our sweet little rooster who loves to be held.  Of course they go crazy over our resident Chiweenies, Ginger and Gracie, who keep everyone in line at Rooterville!

The bottom line is that every dime you spend in our store is put to work to do good and we wouldn't want it any other way.  That is why we say that shopping with us makes you a superhero!   Every purchase you make in our store directly impacts the lives of hundreds of rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary and furthers the mission of Encouraging Compassion, Inspiring Change.  

We invite you to join us in making this world a kinder place by supporting a local charity, run by ladies working hard to make a difference in this world.  We are thrilled to find people like you, who care deeply about what they support with their hard earned money.  We greatly appreciate your partnership in our mission of "encouraging compassion, inspiring change"!     

Why The Pink Pigs?

The Pink Pigs Gift Shop began out of the need for more consistent funding to help with the expense of such a large operation as Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, which is home to hundreds of rescued animals and visited by thousands of people every year.  We're really busy and it's expensive work!  Rooterville is a Non Profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization and our mission is "Encouraging Compassion, Inspiring Change"  We've been in business for nearly 16yrs now.  We are doing business as "The Pink Pigs" with our retail store.  The name was inspired by the two little nuggets below who came to us sick and in need of TLC.  Lily and Daisy are thriving now and almost grown up!  Thanks to good folks like you, they can live their lives without care or want.  

Lilly & Daisy


Thank you SO much for taking time out of your busy life to learn more about us!

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