Doggie Deodorant All Natural Spring Fresh Dr Theos USA MADE
Oh that doggy smells....  Some love it, most, not so much!  This product is great when you don't have time for a bath but need to freshen up a little.  We love it here at Rooterville.  All natural and great...
$21.00 $14.00
Pet Fur Remover
No more annoying fur Get rid of your pet’s fur using this remover Pets are man's best friends, that’s for sure. But sometimes the fur they leave around can be annoying and VERY hard to remove. That’s when fur removers...
Pet Nail Clipper
Your house and your pet will always be safe Does your lovely pet have long nails? Does it scratch you and destroy your furniture? Does it suffer because of long nails? No matter what the problem is, this nail clipper...
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