Personal Protective Products

Personal Protective Products


      Everything you need to keep you and your family protected in the new world we live in!  Our selection of the BEST quality personal protective products will keep you safer and looking good too.  We have styles of masks for every budget and need.  Best of all, every dollar you spend in our store helps the rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary!  Thanks for shopping with us!

      The sale of these masks also help keep our employees employed (with the potential of adding employment) and with every order, masks will be donated to homeless shelters in our area.  You can even purchase a mask for homeless and low income people in the Gainesville/Jacksonville area and we'll deliver them for you!

      We gave away over 1000 masks to help the homeless and low income folks in our area, thank you for making that a success!  Helping others is what we do best!

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