Cardinal Bird Flying Mobile
Handmade by local artisans in Columbia, these beautiful Cardinal mobiles will brighten any room with their color.  Perfect for babies who will enjoy watching the bird fly.  Start your little nature lover early! ALL proceeds help rescued animals! These mobiles...
Phoenix Flying Mobile-Handmade in Columbia
Ethical Home Decor for any room in the house, porch, or sunroom.  Unique and beautiful, these mobiles make a great conversation piece besides being a beautiful decoration. These mobiles are perfectly balanced for the most graceful movement.  Just pull and...
Ask Einstein Electronic Flash Cards- Animals & Dinosaurs Quiz Pack*
Ask Einstein™ is the newest technology in flash card learning. Kids will see a flash card and try and get the correct answer by placing Einstein on the card. If they are correct - Einstein flashes green and makes sounds....
Baby Dino T-Rex Stuffed Animal - 8"*
Our baby dinos are "dinodorable"! Super cute and colorful, this baby T-Rex stuffed animal is the perfect size for little hands. ALL Proceeds help rescued animals too so you can feel especially good about your purchase.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Wooly Mammoth Mastadon Plush 16.5" Stuffed Animal *
This is the most adorable wooly mammoth plush we have seen! 13.5″ body 3″ tusks = 16.5″ length from tusk to tail!  Your child will love snuggling and playing with this beautifully detailed Wooly Mammoth. ALL proceeds from your purchase...
Tyrannosaurus Rex Plush Dinosaur T-Rex Stuffed Animal*
All hail the king of stuffed animals, the T-Rex Plush - Don’t let the short arms and the claws fool you, this snuggly plush toy is ready to cuddle—but your arms might have to do most of the work -...
Stegosaurus Plush Dinosaur Lifelike! *
This adorable Stegasaurus is a colorful addition to our new plush dinosaur line! Same size as the Ankylosaur and Triceratops, it is a great addition to your dinosaur collection.  Cuddly and great for hours of entertainment, these dinosaurs will pique...
Plush Opossum by Bearington Collection-Lifelike Plush Possum!
Is this the cutest little plush opossum you've ever seen?  We thought so too!  Perfect gift for the possum lovers, so soft and snugglable!  Ultra high quality, this little guy will be the delight of any nature lover. ALL proceeds...
Pedro the Plush Donkey by Bearington Collection *
This little guy is going to make some donkey lover's heart skip a beat with it's life like cuteness.  Gorgeous attention to detail make Bearington plush animals the best, you will notice the difference  Make someone's day with this precious...
Plush Labradoodle by Bearington Collection Two Sizes! *
This darling little butterscotch color labradoodle puppy dog is going to make a fantastic best friend for some little one or use them to brighten an adult's day too!  Loved and cherished by all who value cuddly, cute and curly...
£13.00 from £10.00
Plush Horse by Bearington Collection *
Your little one's imagine can run wild and free with this beautiful plush horse created by our friends at Bearington.  Extra soft and lifelike, your budding equestrian will be thrilled to have such a beautiful friend. ALL proceeds help rescued...
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Squeeze Me Skating Piggy Toy for Kids - Pink 1
These fun piggies take off for a ride on their skate board after a good squeeze.  Hours of fun for the kids who love pigs.  ALL proceeds help real rescued pigs get the love and care they need so you...
Aloha Oinking Piggy for Kids - Pink
Aloha Oinking Piggy for Kids - Pink
CUTE and colorful piggies who grunt when squeezed.  Fun for kids of all ages!  Especially for our pig-loving kiddos.  These are a nice size for the kids,  ALL proceeds will be used to help rescued piggies so enjoy!  You've done an...
Scrabble Crossword Welcome Mat-Coir, Made in the USA!
This fun welcome mat was too cute not to share!  Don't be boring when you can be fun and unique.  For the crossword fanatics, this one is perfect for you!  Makes a great gift that will last for a long...
£26.00 £19.00
Shark Eugy-Collectible Puzzle for Children*
Fierce, feared and full of fight, sharks are also super fast and very hard to catch. Better to build your own baby shark and tame it to love humans. This sweet junior shark will never grow up, and always be...
Unicorn Eugy-Cute Puzzle for the Girls*
Noble and beloved, unicorns are also legendarily shy. Hiding in their mystical rainbow lairs, the magical beasts are almost impossible to capture. It's easier to build your own baby unicorn so it'll grow up feeling comfy around human folk. This...
Harry Snugglesmore the Plush Dog by Bearington Collection *
Bearington Collection Harry Snugglesmore the Curly Coated Dog is going to bring someone a big smile and a virtual hug!  This cute love bug doggy is ready to share your love with someone you care about.  Add a piece of jewelry...
Sassy the White Poodle Mix Puppy Dog by Bearington Collection
Bearington Collection Sassy the White Dog-perfect pet for a little girl, Miss Sassy comes with cute bows and the most loveable, huggable sweet face.  She is irresistible and she'll make her new momma proud.  All of our plush animals come...
Animated Plush Piggy: Walking, Talking, Sniffing Plush Pink Piggy for Kids!
This cute plush piggy will bring hours of enjoyment to kids of all ages, over 2 years.  Put  two AA batteries in (not included), switch him on and watch him walk, grunt, and move his snooter in and out!  Very cute...
Pink Kitty Cat or Horse Little Plush Purses for Girls-Too cute *
These beautiful little animal handbags will thrill the little ladies in your family.  Choose a precious pink kitty cat or beautiful brown horse with a red bow, your animal loving girls will be beside themselves with delight.   Handcrafted with care...
Cupcake & Birthday Bears by Bearington-Poseable and So CUTE! *
Get the party started! You're going to die when you see these precious little balls of fluff with a cute little cupcake or birthday present.  If they were priced on their level of cuteness, you would not be able to...
from £17.00
Plush Easter Basket for Children Bunny or Duckling Plush
Make this the most fun Easter ever or use it just for fun, these adorable plush gift or Easter Baskets will have everyone Quacking up!  They are so darn cute!  Super soft for the little kids to enjoy filling with things...
£21.00 from £19.00
Yellow Labradoodle Plush Puppy by Bearington Collection Stuffed Dog Toy
This beautiful little poodle or yellow labradoodle puppy dog is sure to bring joy to someone with its realistic features and attention to detail.  High quality, lifelike plush animals are Bearington Collections specialty.  This little doggie is a jewel.  Super soft...
Look! It's Toto! Plush Cairn Terrier, Lifelike, soft fun for Dog Lovers
This adorable plush Cairn Terrier by Bearington Collection is sure to be a favorite in the plushie collection!  It looks so lifelike, you won't believe it!  Not recommended for children under the age of 3, it has bead eyes.   ...

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