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Cat Pair Beautiful Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hanging Window Panel
Gorgeous Kitty cuddles! A ginger cat and black cat gaze into the distance as they sit in the garden in this bright, cheerful window panel.  Purrfect gift for the cat lovers. REAL STAINED GLASS: The panel is made with 78...
Butterfly Stained Glass Accent Lamp
Delicate as a butterfly's wings! This colorful handmade stained glass butterfly accent lamp brings joy and light to any décor with its 100 pieces of hand-cut glass and 10 cabochons. Brilliant shades of purple, green, and red radiate along the...
Honeycomb Bees Stained Glass Window Panel
The Tiffany-Style Honeycomb Bees Stained Glass Window Panel is sure to bring a buzzworthy accent to your home decor. This unique stained glass depiction of a honeycomb with two busy bees is composed of 29 individual glass cuts in yellow,...
Sunflower Stained Glass Accent Table Lamp
Bright as a daisy! Bright and colorful sunflower motif, this lamp will have you thinking of sunshine, gardens and warm summer days. Accents lamps are a perfect gift of expression, ideal for any occasion or milestone event. Place in a...
Blue Butterfly Tiffany Style Stained Glass Window Hanging 12.5"
A symbol of life and change, this exquisite butterfly is designed with soft purples, vibrant blues and textured clear and green stained glass . Each panel comes with a decorative hanging chain for support and strength so that you can...
Owl Multicolor Stained Glass Window Panel 9.75"H Mia
Hoo's Your Favorite? This colorful Owl stained glass panel is the perfect accent piece. Place it on a window and let the sun illuminate your home or hang it on the wall and enjoy the striking details and colors. It's...
Blue Halston 12" Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hanging Window Panel
Glorious accent piece! This magnificent window panel is crafted with gorgeous striated and rich real stained glass colors. The Edwardian Heart design gives it a romantic touch and each heart is outlined with textured ripple glass. It is hand crafted with...
Adeline Blue Webbed Heart Stained Glass Window Panel 22"H
Timeless Victorian Style! The webbed heart panel features geometric shapes, Edwardian Hearts and a spider web pattern in swirling hues of greens, yellows, reds, and blues. They can be hung on a wall as well. Use it to create privacy...
Hummingbird Floral REAL Stained Glass Window Panel
Gorgeously detailed REAL stained glass Hummingbird and flower window panel.  A charming picture! These adorable hummingbirds are sharing a sip of nectar as they flutter over a brilliant rose blossom. Their vibrant real stained glass blue and yellow bodies contrast...
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Cardinal Red Stained Glass Bird Accent Lamp
Gorgeous cardinal perched on a branch laden with rose blossoms stained glass accent lamp. Accent lamps also work wonderfully as nightlights.  Wherever you put it, this beautiful lamp will brighten any room. ALL proceeds help rescued animals get the love...
Multicolor Birds Stained Glass Window Panel
Beautiful stained glass birds! Tweet Tweet. What a wonderful way to enjoy the morning sun. This window panel creates a kaleidoscope from 162 pieces of hand cut glass and 15 cabochons this piece has been soldered together using the copper...
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