Ruthless Kindness

Not only do we generate revenue for Rooterville, our own sanctuary, here at The Pink Pigs we also love lending a helping hand to other non-profit charities with our wonderful charity of the month program. Every single month we pick a different non-profit charity to provide exposure, awareness and hopefully revenue, too!

This month we have chosen Ruthless Kindness which is a 501(C)(3) registered charity as our chosen charity of the month. Ruthless Kindness works to eliminate  unnecessary suffering from the lives of animals and children. Ruthless Kindness works with both children and animals because they believe that teaching children empathy leads to a more compassionate world. The human animal bond is healing for all involved.

How Ruthless Kindness Began

Founded by two veterinarians, Dr. Kate and Dr. Sarah, they began this charity because they wanted to change the circumstances that were leading to the neglect and abuse that they were seeing in their work. The first phase of creating their charity involved planning, researching and meeting with experts in the field.  The next phase included early programming which included veterinary care, food and support that would go to families and animal shelters. Ruthless Kindness is now developing it’s largest program to date. This program works to target the greatest risk factors that animals and children face.

Both Dr. Kate and Dr. Sarah both recognized that medical treatment for individual animals and children was not enough by itself. They believed that to get in front of the problems, they needed to get to the root causes of issues like violence, abandonment and neglect. As veterinarians they approach unnecessary suffering of humans and animals as they would a medical ailment. They seek science-based prevention, immediate treatment and solutions for the long term.

Their Mission

The mission of this amazing charity is to address the epidemic of violence and preventable suffering in animals and children. Nobody deserves to experience preventable suffering. In honor of their most vulnerable community members, they envision a world where suffering is prevented and trauma is healed through fierce compassionate action and the human and animal connection.

Why They Serve Both Animals and Children

Children and animals contribute equally to a relationship that generates healing, joy, and empathy. Ruthless Kindness recognizes that organizations typically help animals and children separate from one another. However research has shown that these two populations are linked by overlapping risk factors and protective factors. By honoring their commonalities, Ruthless Kindness can use their resources and information most effectively, while getting to address which needs are most urgent.

Overlapping Needs of Animals and Children

Below you will find a few facts that have been supplied from Ruthless Kindness. Below is a partial list of facts that demonstrate that the greatest risk for insufficient care and abuse is dependence on someone else. The research shows that both domesticated animals and children are reliant on us for shelter, food, medical care, and affection. This means that they are susceptible to neglect, abuse, and other forms of innocent suffering. 

  • There are approximately 70 million pet dogs and 74 million pet cats in the US (AVMA). 67% percent of US households, or about 85 million families, have a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National PetOwners Survey (APPA).
  • A study of women seeking shelter at a safe house showed that 71% of those having pets affirmed that their partner had hurt or killed their companion animals (Ascione).
  • According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the advantages of having an animal in a child’s life include developing responsible behavior, providing a connection with nature, teaching children respect for other living creatures, providing lessons about life, and on the emotional level through the experience of physical contact, tactile touching, allowing a child to gain security in oneself and in relationships. Interacting with an animal that does not speak allows the child to assimilate rules of non-verbal communication, which is beneficial for developing the capacity for intuition.  

Current Programs

  • Mobile veterinary care and vaccines for the pets of victims of domestic violence. Current vaccines are essential for pets of victims to enter pet-friendly safe houses and domestic violence shelters. 
  • Creation and distribution of virtually based resources for reducing physical, sexual and emotional harm to both humans and animals in the home during COVID. 
  • Co-creation of humane education in collaboration with the JAYC Foundation. The program does not only include animals to teach compassion, but also that the human animal bond can heal trauma. 
  • Free veterinary tele-support to at-risk individuals and families to prevent stress and abandonment. 
  • The High 5 awards which recognize musicians, filmmakers, writers and other creators for including messages of empathy in their work.
  • Farm Animal Rescue. On their farm, they rescue farm animals that would otherwise be subject to end of life. So far they have rescued 26 farm animals with this program.

How To Donate

Every cent of donations for Ruthless Kindness go directly to the people and animals that they are serving. If you are interested in donating, please use their donation page. You can also visit their Amazon wish list where they have a collection of needed supplies for at-risk pet owners who need to keep their pets healthy during challenging times.

*Right now their most urgent needs are flea prevention supplies and dog food.

Contact Ruthless Kindness

If you are interested in working with this charity, donating funds or any needed supplies, please contact Ruthless Kindness by using their  contact form or calling them at (707) 225-1667.

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