Bee Metal Art Decor Cuteness for the Bee Lovers!



Colorful, adorable bees to make your space a little more enjoyable and bring smiles to your family and friends' faces!  Lighten things up with these adorable bee metal art items!  We have many to choose from, including these fun bees.

ALL proceeds help the rescued animals at Rooterville get the love and care they deserve, thank you for shopping with us!

Bee Hive Bouncy:  Size: 6X4X4".  Special Order, allow 2 weeks to receive.

Bee Hive Spinner:  Size: 11X7.5X7.5".  IN STOCK 

Bee Bouncy:  12.6X8X1.2"  Special Order, Allow 2 weeks to receive.

Bee Porch Sitter:  16X17X1.8"  IN STOCK

Tabletop Bee:  13.4X12.6X3.5"  Special Order, Allow up to 2 weeks to receive.

Bee Flower Bouncy:  12X7.5X1.2"  IN STOCK 

Bee Flower CHIME:  28X4X4"  IN STOCK

 About Sunset Vista Designs:  At Sunset Vista Designs Co., Inc., we continually strive to bring you compelling product that offers you extra margin opportunities, and sells thru at retail. Our entire team has worked very hard to bring you what we feel is our “best ever” line of innovative gift, garden, and home décor.

Shipping Policy--FREE on all USA orders over $75! Yay!

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