Cat Crystal Fantasy Sun Catchers*

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These gorgeous suncatchers will throw rainbows of color around your home, office or car in the sunlight helping send calming vibes to help you relax.  Make your home a sanctuary with these adorable most loved animals.  
ALL proceeds from your purchase will be used to help rescued animals get the love and care they need.  Thank you for shopping with us!

Tabby Cat:  A large crystal is topped by smaller gold and orange crystals and a silver tabby cat. This kitty cat's stripes go down her back and continue all the way to the tip of her tail. Cats often represent mystery, the supernatural and watchfulness, but this pussy-cat seems open and friendly. A perfect gift for a favorite "crazy cat lady"!

Cats in the Moon:  A large crystal is topped by smaller crystals and silver cats and moon. Held sacred by ancient Egyptians, cats symbolize mystery and watchfulness. These cats admire the moon together above a cluster of crystals that sparkle and shine. Sun streaming through the crystals fills your room with rainbows.

Not boxed, instead this crystal suncatcher comes with a sheer organza gift bag.
Recommended for indoor use.  Woodstock Rainbow Makers do for light what our chimes do for sound.




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