T-Rex plush Stuffed Animal - 10"*

T-Rex plush Stuffed Animal - 10"*

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Adorable T-Rex Plush Stuffed animal that is looking for a home. Cute but vicious. All proceeds are used to help rescue animals. Thank you for shopping with us!

Over 65" million years ago, the T-Rex ruled all. This amazing dino roamed the U.S. and Canadian regions being known as the lizard king. These creatures were carnivores and had around 5"0 €œbanana-sized teeth for hunting their next meal. One thing the T-Rex is physically known for is their tiny arms; looking oddly disproportionate to the rest of their massive body. The iconic dino can now fit comfortably in your arms with this lifelike stuffed animal version. It makes for a great birthday gift for kids or a unique gift for adults.   Quite possibly the most famous dino, the T-Rex stuffed animal will captivate anyone you gift it to. This plush toy is the perfect companion for those young and old, they will most definitely love their new adventure buddy.


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