The Pig Preserve

Not only do we generate revenue for our own lovely sanctuary, Rooterville, here at The Pink Pigs we also lend a helping hand to other non-profit charities with our wonderful charity of the month program. Each month we pick a different non-profit charity to provide exposure, awareness and hopefully revenue, too!

This month we have chosen The Pig Preserve, a 501(C)(3) registered charity as our chosen charity of the month. Since 1998 The Pigs Preserve has provided sanctuary to farm, potbelly and feral pigs in hopes to give them a safe and stress-free forever home.

The Pig Preserve Mission Statement

It is believed by The Pig Preserve (as well as us here at The Pink Pigs) that freedom is the birthright of every single living being and not just limited to humankind. That means freedom from slavery, discrimnation, neglect and pain. They aim to provide everything they can to shelter to those who they come in contact with. 

There are 3 things that guide The Pig Preserve in their every day attempt to shape the direction of their non-profit. Those three things are to save lives, preserve nature and redefine humanity.

  • Saving Lives 
      • Securing donor funding to ensure that all the animals have the required things that they needed such as food and medical care
      • Establishing an area for special needs or quarantining any animals that cannot survive among the main herd
      • Maintaining a strong acceptance criteria for new residents to ensure that the sanctuary can effectively and efficiently look after those in its care
    1. Preserving Nature
    2. Secure appropriate perimeter fencing
    3. Maximize natural water use such as rain, well and pond water

    4. Redefining Humanity
        • Creating a strong volunteer program that includes and provides credits for agricultural internship opportunities
        • Creating and maintaining a strict vegan location where the residents embrace the compassionate lifestyle
        • Creating an educational program for both adults and youth 
        • Providing tours on location as well as virtually

        The sanctuary at The Pig Preserve is committed to providing a safe and secure home for needy pigs while offering them the ability to live their lives in a natural environment without confinement to the best of their abilities. We can assure you that the pigs in their care are happy as can be!

        Life At The Pig Preserve

        The Pig Preserve prides themselves on allowing their residents (animals) to live out their lives free and on their own terms. Something that many people may not know is that just like humans, pigs form their own social groups. Forming a social group is critical to the emotional health and well-being of the pigs which is why they are free to do so at their own will at their sanctuary. During each day the pigs are allowed to spend their time roaming, foraging, rooting and much more. Each evening before it gets dark the pigs are all fed a mixture of natural whole and cracked grains, salt, molasses and a bit of diatomaceous earth (a natural wormer). The feed contains no chemicals, preservatives or artificial additives. 

        The Pig Preserve Cares

        Another reason why we’ve chosen The Pig Preserve as our November charity of the month is because of the amazing care that they provide their animals. Once a pig arrives at their sanctuary they will live out the entirety of their lives there. Any serious medical emergencies that may arise while at The Pig Preserve are handled at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in Knoxville. Furthermore, any pigs that need special attention such as medication, are separately penned at feeding time and are released once they have finished eating and being treated. Visitors are welcome to their sanctuary on a prearranged basis as not to infringe on the privacy of the pigs. It is important to note that they do not adopt their pigs out nor do they take them to fairs or any educational events.

        Become A Preserve Partner

        Whether you can get involved physically, financially or online there are many ways that you can help. Here are three ways that you can start to help The Pig Preserve today:

      1. Invest - Any financial investment into their sanctuary goes straight to the care of the animals. Whether you invest once or on a monthly basis your investment will be 100% tax deductible.
      2. Sponsor - One of the coolest things that you can do is sponsor your favorite pig(s) at the sanctuary. Each pig has a description online where you can read about details that range from their piggy personality all the way to their rescue story.
      3. Time - All volunteers are welcomed by The Pig Preserve in their efforts for extra hands to help them with day-to-day duties. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

      4. Items To Donate

        • Rubber feeding bowls
        • Fencing supplies
        • Gravel
        • Mulch
        • Blankets
        • Large fans
        • Garden hoses
        • Rakes
        • Shovels
        • Medical supplies

        Contact The Pig Preserve

        The Pig Preserve has volunteer opportunities available! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, donating funds and much needed items or visiting the sanctuary please use The Pig Preserve contact page to send them a message as they’d be more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have.
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