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We decided that we would go with a sanctuary close to our hearts, Gracie's Acres, for February's charity. This non-profit charity is a pig sanctuary that is doing amazing things for neglected and abused pigs. As you will begin to read, they require a little extra help to best support the animals in their care.

Gracie's Acres is a 501c3 non-profit rescue and sanctuary that calls the rolling hills around Macon County, Tennessee, their home. Gracie's Acre first opened their hearts and their doors in 2015. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to pigs, or what they call wondrous souls. (We love that!) They take care of their resident pigs on their beautiful stretch of 30 acres.

Each of the pigs at their sanctuary has its own fun and playful personalities. Each pig has a different background has its own unique story and beauty, too! The staff at Gracie's Acres knows their pigs so well that not only can they name every one of them, but they can also share with you the stories of how each one of the pigs came to them. Unfortunately, many of their pigs came to them from a hard and unfair life of abuse and neglect or were attacked and left to struggle. They even have pigs in their possession that have come from kill shelters! Can you believe it?

One of the reasons that we chose to have Gracie's Acres as our charity of the month in February is because of exactly how much they care about their pigs, just like us! No matter how the pigs lived their lives before coming to their sanctuary, they make sure to give each of them a promise never to feel anything but love from anyone again. 

Their Mission

Gracie's Acres's mission is to provide a loving home for abandoned, neglected, and unwanted pigs.

Adopt A Pig

After the rescue of each pig, their mission is to get them adopted to their forever homes. If you're not in the position to adopt, they also have the option to sponsor one of their special piggies! If you'd like to adopt, sponsor, or foster a pig, you can contact Gracie's Acres using their contact page. There is also a list of adoptable pigs that can be adopted today!

Brick By Brick Fundraiser

During their time as a non-profit, they have been through their ups and downs. With those obstacles came lessons, and they learned a few things quickly. Now more than ever, Gracie's Acres needs your help. Recently they were hit with a virus that unfortunately went through our herd. Sadly, it took many of their pig's precious lives. They need a medical barn for the pigs that are climate-controlled with specialized stalls and treatment areas to efficiently and appropriately care for each pig's medical needs. Being a charity that survived through quarantining, they are asking for donations so that they may be able to provide their medical barn to help with the needs of every broken pig life they are working so hard to mend.

Their brick by brick fundraiser is asking for supporting individuals to purchase bricks and/or tiles that can be engraved to help build up the barn that they so desperately need for the animals' sake. They're asking for your help to build the bard piece by piece and brick by brick. 

After Gracies Acres gets enough funds, they are excited to welcome anyone who visits them at their sanctuary to see a huge impact on the community-made TOGETHER. They feel that it's important for others to become inspired by how any community can turn a dream into a reality.

To participate in this fundraiser, please visit their fundraiser page. If you have any questions about participating or ordering your brick/tile, please contact Susan Swafford at

Reasons To Support Pig Sanctuaries

Did you know that pigs are actually smarter than dogs? If not, now you do! Pigs have been known for a long time to be smarter than dogs. There is tons of information to learn about the animals most close to our hearts: Pigs. Here are a few reasons to support pig sanctuaries like ours, Rooterville, and Gracie's Acres.

  1. Pigs constantly communicate with each other: Did you know that pigs have specific grunts and oinks when speaking with other pigs?
  2. Pigs are entirely self-aware: Did you know that pigs can actually recognize that mirrors are a reflection?
  3. Pigs are intelligent and actually teachable: Did you know that you can actually teach a pig to sit and fetch?
  4. Pigs have a great memory: Did you know that pigs are really good at remembering where their food is stored?

Reach Out To Gracie's Acres

To keep in touch with this amazing non-profit, you can follow them on Instagram at @graciesacres or find them on Facebook to keep up with the day to day news about their sanctuary. You can also donate to them at any time.

Do You Have A Charity?

Do you have or know someone who has a non-profit charity that needs a hand up? We love to support our fellow animal lovers! In fact, every charity that we choose as a great fit to collaborate with will receive 10% of the sales from any of our website purchases! Please contact us at or via phone at (386) 661-2287 to apply today. We look forward to working with you.

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