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Bamboo Ladies Watch with ROOTERVILLE Logo on Box and Back of Watch, Perfect!


Wooden watches, really? That's what we thought too! But seeing the high reviews and number of watches sold, we checked them out and it's nothing short of impressive! Bamboo watches are feather light so it barely feels like the watch is there and it's breathable too. Faux leather straps can make your wrist sweat, these will not cause that problem! This style is very clean and elegant. And it comes with a Rooterville box, you won't get more unique than that! We can order more so if you'd like one, get your order in as it takes about 30 days for delivery with the Rooterville Logo. We have a man's and woman's in this style for all of our friends and supporters. This watch is not water proof, only water resistant. See what the buzz is about these cool, trendy wooden watches! These are very chic!  

AND all proceeds help the hundreds of animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary live the best lives possible.  Money DOES buy love at The Pink Pigs!  Thank you for shopping our store!  And remember, you have a 30 day money back guarantee so don't be afraid to buy from us.  We are world class.  You'll be impressed!

NOTE:  There is only one dark watch with Rooterville Logo available, we can order directly from the manufacturer but we need 7-28 for receipt.  Please keep this in mind for the holidays!  If you do not need the logo, shipping would be faster.