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Butterfly Earrings-Many Species in Acrylic-Beautiful!


We can hardly create anything more beautiful than the things God has created to beautify this world and glorify Himself.  One of the most glorious creations is the butterfly.  They also remind us of the power to transform from a state of ugliness to one of beauty and grace.  Butterflies have long been a symbol of beauty and inspiration and now, you can wear them too!  And we've thrown the Honey Bees in there too, they are an engineering miracle of God's.

These beautiful butterflies are totally realistic on lightweight acrylic for years of enjoyment!  AND, all proceeds help the amazing rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary like sweet Lily and Daisy who say "THOINKS!" for shopping our store!

Buy 3 and get one free!  Please specify which style you want in the comments at checkout!