Funny 3D Piggy Socks, You KNOW You Need These!

$11.95 $7.95

3D clothing is all the rage now and we had to make these available for our piggy loving friends!  We know how it is to be pig crazy and trying to cut back on unnecessary piggy item purchases, so we're helping you out because these are not just cute, they also serve a purpose!  SOCKS!  Everyone needs more socks!  These super silky, light weight tube socks are thin enough for summer and they're just plain adorable!  Look more like your piggy every day.....   Let us help!

These cuties are only $7.95 a pair too!  Hurry!  AND, all proceeds help the real piggies like Lily and Daisy at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary!  Lily and Daisy say "THOINKS!" for shopping in our store!