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Gift Boxes for Rings and Jewelry, make it extra special!


This beautiful selection of gift boxes are perfect when you need to make your gift of a ring or other piece of jewelry extra special and memorable.  So, don't forget the gift box!  All of our jewelry comes in very nice, quality boxes, these are just for an extra special touch!  NO JEWELRY is included with ANY of the boxes, they will be received without jewelry unless you've bought a piece from us that you would like us to put into one of these beautiful boxes.

The first one is hand made by ladies in other countries who sell their boxes to lift their families out of poverty, we LOVE helping them!   Fair Trade Artisanal Jewelry Boxes - This 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1 7/8  These are great for bracelets, watches or necklaces.  The Artisanal Jewelry Box is handmade with  Fair Trade paper over a fully recycled box with a recycled filling by people from far away villages. It does NOT come prefilled with jewelry!  

Ring Boxes:  Heart Shaped Ring Gift Box, Rose Bud Ring Gift Box, or the Rose with Stem Gift box. 

Paper Watch/Bracelet Box with pillow

Luxury Wooden Watch Box:  Perfect for a fine bracelet or watch.  Wooden with a soft fabric pillow.

Invicta Waterproof Watch or Bracelet Box:  When you know something you buy will need protection from the elements in a box that can take abuse.

Velvet Bracelet Box:  Deep burgundy with black interior bracelet box to make bracelets more memorable.

 AND all proceeds help the rescued animals at Rooterville, on their behalf, we thank you for shopping their store! We are happy to include a gift note, just add what you'd like to say in the notes when you place your order.