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Hand Made and SIGNED, ORGANIC Cotton Hand Bags for The Upscale Urbanite (or you!)


These beautiful, tie die, water color handbags are made from recycled 100% organic cotton scraps of hand-batiked fabric.  This luscious functional bag has three overlapping pockets on the outside with loop case using hand-made African beads. You're going to LOVE this bag! Not only is it beautiful, but it's UNIQUE and handmade by awesome ladies who sign the bags themselves, is that amazing?!  A REAL person made this bag and signed it just for you!

Let's help them have a better life AND each purchase helps over 300 rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary so you're helping animals AND people when you buy one of these lovely bags!

If you have a preference of color, please put it in the comments when you check out.  We can send you a picture to make sure you are happy with your purchase.  Shipping is FREE!

Durable plastic zip top. Handle drop 20". 100% cotton. 10.5"H x 12"W x 1.5" D
Brand: Global Mamas
Country of Origin: Ghana

Global Mamas creates hand-crafted accessories, apparel, decor, and skin care items using traditional techniques, maintaining local artisanal skills. Each product is full of life and love, and is crafted with the utmost quality. The producers in the Global Mamas network have worked together for over a decade in Ghana, West Africa developing products that resonate with consumers all over the world, and in-turn have created prosperity for themselves and their families.