Re-useable Vented Cloth Face Masks Adult and Children Sizes with Replaceable Carbon Filters



IN STOCK NOW, SHIPS FROM USA WITHIN 24 hours!  You'll receive them within a week via USPS mail.  You can upgrade shipping if you like. 
Adult and Child sizes!  PINK IS HERE TOO!  The pink masks have a zipper for the filter compartment and NO vents.  VENTS on our vented masks are COVERED by fabric and the filters.
Don't settle for cheap Face Protectors at inflated prices.  You want the BEST Face Protectors at the BEST prices from a store you can TRUST.  What if your purchase helped a charity too?  Yes, every dime you spend with us helps the rescued animals at our sanctuary, Rooterville Animal Sanctuary!  We've been around for 16 years, you can TRUST us.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed and your well-being our top concern. 
Our Face Protectors are top quality, we use them ourselves.  We are here to serve you with FAIR prices and EXCELLENT service.  Please tell your loved ones!  
Don't be scammed by sellers creating fancy names for cheap Face Protectors with fancy ads to make you think that their Face Protectors have magical powers!  They are likely drop-shipping their Face Protectors from China and you won't even receive them within a month's time even on Amazon this is happening! 
Are you looking for a Face Protector that won't fog your glasses up so badly to help offer some protection to you from pollution and the Covid-19 virus?  This is a great Face Protector for that.  If you exercise in the city or near pollution, these are terrific to help you breathe more freely.  The air flows much better in these due to the venting.  We've been trying Face Protectors out and the ventilated Face Protectors are the best if you enjoy breathing and not feeling like you're suffocating!  The adult Face Protectors come with 2 filters. 
Our Face Protector is the one on the woman model with the adjustable straps which are terrific for getting a good seal around your face.
Suggestion:  For families, think about getting different colored Face Protectors so you know whose is whose!  Or you can put a mark on the inside with a permanent marker but you don't want to mix up your Face Protectors. 
WE HAVE CHILDREN'S size Face Protectors too!  They will also come with 2 filters, and we carry replacement filters for the kid's size too.
One filter lasts for a week of regular use.  If you aren't using it all day, every day, they should last longer than one week.
Our stock is shipped from our sanctuary right here in the USA and you will have your order within days, not weeks.  Demand is high and we are truly struggling to keep up!
Grey, navy, red and black is in stock as of 4/22.
  • 1. Dust-proof and anti-fog headband type pm 2.5 dust Face Protector with valve.

  • 2. Elastic ear-loops with no pressure to the ears.

  • 3. With exhalation valve, allowing smooth breathing, reducing heat and moisture accumulation.

  • 4. Electrostatic filter material, effectively protect the Face Protector of PM2.5

  • 5. Description: Close fit to prevent polluted air from entering

  • VENTS are covered by filters and fabric.
  • This mask is not a medical device and is not medically approved to prevent diseases. 

     Package includes:

  • 1 x Air Pollution Dust Face Protector + 2 Activated Carbon PM 2.5 Replacement Filters.

  • PAIR will come with a total of 4 filters.

Shipping Policy--FREE on all USA orders over $75! Yay!

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