Elephant Rings & Necklace to Bring You Luck and Look Great Too! Solid Sterling Silver



Beautiful Elephant Rings in two styles but we only have one of the wider band in a size 6. The thinner band, we have in stock and ready to deliver to you to bring you good luck and just look beautiful on your hand!  Solid sterling silver, these gorgeous rings will last a lifetime. The wider band is partially plated with gold and original retail was $100.  

The beautiful necklace is a precious mom and baby elephant staring off into the distance. Elephants won't be with us much longer if we don't work harder to save them!  

We are passionate about making this world a better place, that is why we started The Pink Pigs. Where you spend your money matters! We invite you to join us in making a difference, one hundred percent of the proceeds from every purchase in our store will be used to do good things like helping rescued animals. You not only buy beautiful things, but you also DO a beautiful thing when you shop with us! Thank you SO much for shopping with us, we look forward to serving you.

NOTE:  Some sizes of the Elephant ring aren't kept in stock but we'll be happy to order them for you.  Please allow 7-28 days for receipt.  We'll let you know when you order if we are out of stock in your size.  Thank you!

Shipping Policy--FREE on all USA orders over $75! Yay!

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