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Playtime with these critters can last hours on end. MIGHTY® toys are durable, plush dog toys constructed with multiple layers of fabric. The seams are located on the inside of the toy and sewn multiple times to increase the toy strength.

Squeakers are sewn inside protective pouches for your dog’s safety. This extra measure of safety can give you the time you need to remove the toy in the event your dog reaches the core.

MIGHTY® toys float in water and are machine washable (air dry).

Thank you for shopping with us - 100% of all proceeds go towards helping support rescued animals at, "Rooterville Animal Sanctuary".


WART HOG  6" l x 16" w x 6.5" h

MASSIVE FARM PIGLET  6" l x 18" w x 10" h

JR FARM PIGLET  2" l x 8" w x 4" h

ANGRY FARM PIG  4.5" l x 8.5" w x 10.5" h



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