Stainless Steel & Titanium Ring with Chain Spinner Inset in Gold, Silver or Black! Great Ring for Bikers, Gear Heads!



This is a high quality solid stainless steel and titanium ring.  NOT CHEAP ALLOY! It's made tough, like the kind of guy or gal who would want to wear it! It will last a LONG time and maintain its color and good looks.

This is a great gift idea, especially for the guy who likes to fidget! Could you leave that spinning chain alone? We didn't think so. Get one for yourself and all the men in your life.  They are made to last for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

For our Christian friends, this ring is a great reminder of the truth that our CHAINS ARE GONE, we've been set free!  The spinner is a gentle reminder of that fact, we're not bound by sin any longer.  

BEWARE Of CHEAP Zinc Alloy models of this same ring! Here is what Google says about the difference between REAL Stainless Steel vs Zinc Alloy: Stainless steel is, by definition, a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% Chromium content. In general, Zinc alloys are relatively inexpensive compared to stainless steel (because Zinc is cheaper than Chromium). Some Zinc alloys can be fairly strong but nothing like stainless steel.

We have all three colors of chain:  Black, Silver and Gold.  The band is a comfort fit band and its super smooth for the most comfortable fit!  Our supplier says this ring is also made of Titanium, even better! Get REAL STAINLESS STEEL! 

AND all proceeds help the real pink piggies like Lily and Daisy at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary! Please visit us at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary to meet more adorable animals who get to live the lives they deserve because of good folks like you shopping in their store! Thanks!

We keep sizes 6-14 in stock for immediate shipment!  This is a great ring at a terrific price!

Shipping Policy--FREE on all USA orders over $75! Yay!

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