COVID Related Issues-When to Expect Your Product – The Pink Pigs

Hi Friends!  Hey, we LOVE getting your products to you super fast, nothing makes us happier than getting your order and packing it up and getting it to the USPS or FedEx or UPS within 24-48 hours.  Seriously, that lights us up!  Unfortunately, because we do not keep large inventories on hand for many of our products, if another awesome person comes along and buys all of our stock, then you place your order and we're waiting for our supplier to get us a refill, that is going to affect how quickly we can get your order delivered to you.  Drats...  

Not only that, but we're seeing more and more delays with USPS getting shipments to customers.  It is sporadic but they are experiencing shipping delays too.  Make sure you get your email with your tracking number so that you can keep up with where your package is once it is shipped.  We can't do anything once it leaves our hands to get it to you faster.  So, get in touch with us if it is showing as "lost" or anything weird.  If it shows "in transit", be patient, the shipper has it and they are working on getting it to you.  

Some items are taking 30 days or more to restock!  OUCH!  That is SO bad.  We hate it as much as you do, believe me!  Your un-fullfilled order is a flashing orange light on our system and we like to make those warnings disappear knowing we have done our job for you.  So, we're working really hard to make sure you get your products just as quickly as possible. 

Our top selling items, we've got good stock on hand.  Other things that don't move as quickly, things can get dicey with timing restocks from suppliers who never let us know if something is backordered or taking time for them to acquire and ship.  Dealing with suppliers is crazymaking!  We're doing the best we can, please be patient, order early and please don't hesitate to call or email if you need something fast.

IF you need something FAST, please call or email Elaine and ask if she has it in her hands and can get it in the mail asap.  We'll do that for you!  We want to give you the absolute BEST service you've ever experienced.  If we don't have something,  maybe something else can substitute?  We can make suggestions too.  

Bottom line:  We want you to have the BEST possible experience.  We want to get your products to you quickly but we depend on suppliers and mail carriers and lots of other folks to make that happen and everyone is working hard to do their part to keep things humming along.  Be patient, if you need something quick, we understand, get in touch with us before placing your order so that you're not disappointed.  

We CARE about you and we are so HONORED that you have chosen to do business with us!  ALL proceeds from your purchase go to charity, 100%.  No one here makes big salaries or drives fancy cars with the revenue our store generates.  Every dollar is put to work helping rescued animals and other deserving charities too!  We LOVE that and work very hard because our work is important, it matters a lot to both you, our customer, and the charities and animals we serve to make this world a better place for ALL of us.  

Thanks for understanding!  We can't wait for the opportunity to serve you!

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