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Make EASY Money for YOUR NonProfit!
Our mission is to Encourage Compassion and Inspire Change.  Making the world a kinder, more sustainable and better place for  ALL of us is critical and that requires all of us working TOGETHER, not seeing each other as competition. 
To that end, we want to help our nonprofit partners earn a significant income by encouraging their supporters to simply shop for great products in our store. We will pay affiate commission of 20% of every purchase to our nonprofit partners.  It's easy!  Just share the link to our store with your supporters and every time they shop, you'll earn 20% to help with your good work!
When you sign up, please send us a paragraph or two about the good work your organization is involved in and we'll share it with our supporters too.
More products are being added daily to our little shop, if you have any suggestions as to a product your supporters would love to be able to buy to help your organization, please let us know!  By shopping with us, you not only earn a significant percentage for your good work, you are also helping us to grow and have an even greater impact on the world we all share.  Thank you for stopping by and we can't wait to send you your first commission to get out there and make a difference with.  God bless all of the wonderful people who are committed to helping others and making the world a kinder, safer, friendlier, cleaner, happier and cruelty free place! 
In Christ's Love,
Elaine West, Founder
Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, 
Melrose, FL
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