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Shopping with Purpose: Supporting Rescued Animals with Every Purchase

With every item you select from The Pink Pigs boutique, you're making a direct impact. Each purchase ensures rescued animals receive the care they deserve. Your choice matters; together, we're making a difference.

Discover Passion & Purpose at The Pink Pigs Boutique!

Welcome to The Pink Pigs, where every purchase is a pledge to the animal kingdom. Imagine a world where shopping not only delights you but also makes a tangible difference. That's our vision. Every cent from our boutique goes directly to the heartwarming mission of rescuing and supporting animals.

Elaine West: The Heart of The Pink Pigs and Visionary Behind Rooterville Sanctuary

FYI, our charity is Rooterville Animal Sanctuary. We are home to over 100 rescued farm animals and we give visitors the experience of a lifetime with our friendly animals in a peaceful, beautiful setting. We have butterfly gardens with honey bees and butterfly plants for sale. ALL proceeds from every purchase help us take care of the animals.

Quality First: Authentic Finds, Fast Delivery, and a Woman-Led Commitment to You

Ditch the long waits of typical drop shippers. We prioritize quality and authenticity, sourcing unique items and ensuring most are stocked right here in the USA. As a proud woman-led enterprise, we cherish the bond we share with our customers. Animal lovers, rejoice! Dive into our curated collection of exquisite, animal-themed treasures. From the elegance of a harp seal to the charm of our beloved pigs, there's something for every animal aficionado. And if there's something special you're seeking, just let us know. We're here to help!

Meet Our Animals!

Since our humble beginnings, our family farm has grown from just five acres to over 20 acres. We've provided care and a permanent home to over 1000 rescued farm animals of all types





Meet Our Team

Elaine West

Elaine West founded Rooterville Animal Sanctuary Inc. with the help and support of her late husband and partner Dale West, in 2004. Today, Elaine serves as president and leads a team of eight that handle everything in the daily operations of the business and upkeep of the sanctuary, as well as caring for the amazing animals that call the sanctuary home.


VOLUNTEER Jackie is retired and needs things to do to keep her healthy and we're so fortunate she chose Rooterville as one of her places to give her time and talent to. She is dedicated and reliable and a good listener whenever Elaine has to bend her ear. She helps wherever needed in the office or out getting dirty in the garden. She is such a sweetheart


Brian is our amazing animal care person. He is in charge of making sure the animals here at Rooterville get the best care and attention possible. He loves giving treats to everyone and if we don't watch him, he would make all of the animals here too fat! He loves them all and you'll spot him squatting down to pet whoever comes near him. Brian also helps us keep our covered wagons squeaky clean and ready for guests. He is great at cleaning and organizing, which makes him a rock star here at Rooterville.

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