The Pink Pigs is an online boutique dedicated to delivering you high-quality items at amazing prices! The Pink Pigs is your one-stop-shop for all things animal related.

The Pink Pigs Online Store was inspired by Lilly & Daisy, two pot-bellied piglets who were rescued from a neglectful situation by Pig Advocates League who then brought them to live their lives out at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary. Lily was born with severe health issues.  These little pink cuties came to Rooterville with pneumonia and other problems, and had to be closely monitored during their first few months. Later, Lilly was diagnosed with a blood disease that makes her unable to recover from severe wounds, as a result, she could not be spayed.

All proceeds from The Pink Pigs go directly to Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, to help animals just like Lily and Daisy, our little pig princesses. 

Lilly & DaisyAt Rooterville, we believe that every animal deserves a kind, compassionate life. When Lily & Daisy came to Rooterville, they were given love, kindness, and excellent medical care. Now, both piglets are happy and live among the other pigs in the special needs area at Rooterville.  They get to come in the house where they especially love working hard on their store under Elaine's desk. 
Watch for their pictures to prove it!  They work a lot with their eyes closed....
Your purchases in our store help Rooterville save lives and give world class care to the 300+ animals that live here.   We could not do what we do without YOU.  Thank you!
Every dollar you spend at The Pink Pigs Gift Shop helps save lives, both animal and human! Lily and Daisy, the little mascots of The Pink Pigs, are just two of hundreds of unwanted animals who now call Rooterville home.
Rooterville Animal Sanctuary is a safe and compassionate place for rescued farm animals. Rooterville's animals, which are kindly referred to as ambassadors, include pigs of all kinds, cows, turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats and even honey bees. Currently, 400 rescued animals live at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary.  You can learn more about Rooterville and meet the founder here:

Visitors to our magnificent sanctuary get to meet animals that perhaps have only been thought of as a menu option.  They learn about the way animals are raised for food on factory farms and all the issues surrounding an alternative to the disease causing, health destroying western diet.  We encourage all of our friends to choose a healthy, whole food, plant based diet because it's the best thing you can do for your own health, for the environment and for the animals!  Ours is a message of hope and healing and you'll find many links on our website to the leading medical doctors' pages to learn about a health promoting, disease curing way of life. This is a life style that saves human lives and alleviates human suffering in a big way!     You can learn more about the effects of the standard American diet (SAD) here:

You can Like our "Life Reclaimed Ministries" page to get the latest articles from leading doctors on the health benefits of a whole food, plant based diet as well as inspirational testimonies from people who changed their lives and healed their bodies by simply changing their diet  here:
The Pink Pigs Gift Shop began out of the need for more consistent funding to help with the expense of such a large operation as Rooterville.  After reading many online store success stories, Rooterville's founder, Elaine West, started The Pink Pigs to give compassionate individuals like you a way to spend their money in an ethically consistent way while enjoying a little retail therapy, too!  

We're helping other deserving rescues as well.  Every month, we will choose a rescue/sanctuary and donate 10% of our gross sales to them to help with their work.  We all know that giving is so much more rewarding than getting!  Since this is money we've earned through our sales of high quality, competitively priced things, we are happy to be able to go above and beyond to inspire and help other rescues while sharing The Pink Pigs and its concept with other compassionate individuals.  At our core, we are generous and believe in helping others whenever possible.  

So shopping in our store does many good things!  And not just for Rooterville, but maybe even a rescue/sanctuary/shelter that you know and love!  You are welcome to nominate one by with your suggestion and why you think they deserve a helping hand.
Help us spread the love by buying your gifts and jewelry from us!  If you need or want anything that you don't see in our store, just ask and we'll see if we can get it for you and give you a price.  All of our products are high quality, personally vetted by us.  Nearly all of our fine jewelry is independently appraised and checked for quality prior to sale to ensure you are only getting the best.

We hope to see you often in our store and maybe even for a visit to our beautiful, magical sanctuary.  It will be an experience you won't forget!  Thank you SO much for taking time out of your busy life to learn more about us!  God Bless You!