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So glad you're here and want to know more about this awesome thing we're doing with our little shop!  If you're "got to know" question is NOT here, please email elaine@rooterville.org and we'll get a response to you asap!  

Where do we get our products?  

Some products like our clothing, shoes and some designer products are overstock from a high end department store which we cannot name.  We do not create demand for these products by purchasing new inventory from the brands. We're sort of like a Thrift store in that regard, but all of our merchandise is new, first quality.

Department stores churn inventory and at the end of a products time on the sales floor, it has to go.  So we buy pallets of products at very good prices to resell to YOU at a GREAT price!  And the more we make, the more animals and people we can help so this is a terrific program for us to participate in.

ALL products are FIRST quality, inspected and approved for sale if they are in perfect retail condition--unless noted in the listings.  If there are any products that are not in perfect condition, it will be noted in the listing and you'll get the best price on those items.

MOVADO watches:  We bought a package of watches that were sold to us as overstock but they turned out to be customer returns.  Every single watch was sent to the manufacturer to be refurbished and get a new battery.  These watches are authentic and they will come with the service record.  All of our fine watches and branded items are authentic.  You will receive the service record from Movado, Tissot, Tag Heuer or whatever brand your watch is.  

Is the fine jewelry real?

YES!  We have wholesale accounts with jewelry manufacturers and we sample their products to make sure they make quality products that we would be proud to sell to you, our valued friend.  You do not have to worry about being cheated or getting less than you expect when you buy from us.  We do not have the high overhead of a retail jewelry store so we can give you better pricing and higher quality than you'd find at a big box jewelry store.  Our lower prices do not equal lower quality!

All of our jewelry over $1,000 will come with an independent appraisal by a local jeweler.  Our local jewelers are notorious for under estimating the value so you know that you are getting a terrific price on a piece of jewelry if it is listed below their estimate of value!  And they are SUPER critical too!  We don't influence their opinions, we are happy to know that you are getting a terrific value and we're able to make enough of a profit to make it worthwhile to sell these beautiful, high quality products.  Your jewelry will come with a beautiful gift box, it can be gift wrapped as well.  We are happy to special order anything you would like as well.  We can shop with dozens of suppliers to find the best price and the finest quality.  

On all of our jewelry, we offer 30 day returns in new, unworn condition with tags attached.  Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty as well.  Special orders cannot be returned without approval first.  Please allow two-three weeks to receive a special order over $1000 as it takes us time to get the piece and have it inspected and appraised.  We can by-pass that if you'd like to take it to a GIA appraiser yourself, we'll credit you $300 for that if you need to get your jewelry sooner.

Some of our jewelry items are drop shipped directly from the supplier to you.  If you have any issues with the piece, please let us know and we'll facilitate a return.  We will make sure that you are happy with your beautiful selection of fine jewelry.  We've been in business for over 15 years, we'll be here if you need anything after your purchase!

Are your designer items fake?

NO!  All of our designer items come from the overstock of the high end department stores, remember?  There are NO fakes.  Everything is authentic and real.  If it has a designer label on it, it is authentic.

What Charities are helped with my purchase?

ALL proceeds from our store go to charity.  Primarily Rooterville Animal Sanctuary which is home to over 400 rescued farm animals and which promotes a plant based lifestyle to help animals, the environment and help heal human health problems. 

Did you know that over 98% of human diseases and conditions are caused by what we eat?  A whole food, plant based diet is critical to finding your best health EVER.  Millions of our loved ones die prematurely every year from conditions that are easily prevented and even reversed by changing one's diet.  Not to mention, the environmental impact of the meat/dairy industries is the leading cause of Amazon deforestation, pollution, ocean "dead zones" and more.  And imagine if billions of animals with feelings and personalities did not have to be brought into this world and live in absolute misery to become food?  What would that do to help improve the mental and emotional health of our planet?  What you eat matters, Where you spend your money does too!  

That get's us back to YES, ALL proceeds from your purchase in our store helps rescued animals!  almost.... 

Our faith collection is special because 10% of proceeds from it help ministries like Metro World Child minister and care for the poorest children on the planet.  That's dear to our heart.

Every month, we're happy to choose another nonprofit to help as well by donating 10% of the gross proceeds and 100% of the net proceeds from 3-4 items to them.  Helping others is the best way to help ourselves!  We started The Pink Pigs to be a blessing to other rescues and sanctuaries who are doing amazing things too.  If you have or know of a nonprofit that would like to participate, please email elaine@rooterville.org and we'll consider them!  All our partner nonprofits have to do is share their fundraiser with their followers.  

Any other questions that you cannot find an answer to?  Just ask!  email Elaine@rooterville.org, pick up the phone and call 386-661-2287 or send a message on social media and we'll get back to you asap.  Thank you for shopping with us!  

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