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All our fine jewelry with a sales price over $1,000 comes with an independent appraisal and/or certificate of retail value from the company we purchase from (a $150-$400 value, depending on the piece).  Our low prices should not be associated with low quality!  The profit margin on fine jewelry is high because jewelry stores have very high overhead expenses that we do not have.  So we can find the finest products and price them at terrific prices so that you, our friend, get a great value for your money. 

You can pay more, but why would you?  ALL proceeds from every sale in our store will be used to help rescued animals.  So you can feel good about buying from us as well.  We only purchase top quality jewelry that we would be proud to sell, you'll notice that the diamonds used in our fine jewelry are primarily SI clarity for instance.  When you purchase from most jewelers, you are usually getting I or lower grade diamonds.  Even the big name designers generally use I clarity diamonds!  We won't sell included diamonds to our customers!  And we certainly won't sell I diamonds at VS-S prices!

We're so certain that you will not find a piece of equal quality at any retail store that we offer a 90day price match guarantee.  Send us a picture, product description from the store and the pricing and we'll refund the difference plus $100.  You never have to worry about paying too much in our store.  And again, the money you spend with us goes to charity to DO good things, not pad corporate executives' bonuses! 

Many of our pieces come with a lifetime guarantee as well.  All of our pieces have been inspected for quality by our appraiser. RETURNS:  If you don't like your fine jewelry upon receipt  you may return it under these conditions: 

  • notify us within 10 days of receipt of your intent to return it,
  • wait for our approval and delivery of your pre-paid return label,
  • the item is returned in NEW, unworn condition with tags attached in its gift box.   
  • No exceptions!  The jewelry must be unworn and in the condition it left our shop in.

If the item has been worn or is damaged, we cannot accept it for return.  Sadly, there are people out there who buy expensive items to wear for an event and then return them.  Please only buy an item that you intend to keep, not show off and return. 

We are a charity, ALL proceeds from our store are used for charity, please be kind and treat us fairly.  We promise to take the best care of you!


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