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When you support The Pink Pigs Boutique, you are essentially supporting many animals in need of our care and safety. We are a non-profit organization in Florida that has the mission to inspire change within the community. All of your purchases’ profits go directly to our sanctuary, Rooterville, home to over 300 rescued animals.

We believe that knowing who you’re helping will, in turn, help our customers understand why we do what we do. Keep reading to learn about how the Pink Pigs got started, and get a chance to virtually meet some of the pig (and turkey) ambassadors you help support.

Why Support The Pink Pigs

The Pink Pigs shop began out of a need for consistent funding to help curve the considerable expense incurred by running as large of an organization as Rooterville. Today, thanks to our team and the support of customers just like you, the Pink Pigs has been in business for 16 years!

Bonus: if you were curious about how we chose our name, you’ll be delighted to know that the inspiration came from two little pink pigs who came to Rooterville sick and in need of our loving TLC. These two pigs go by the names of Lily and Daisy. You’ll be happy to know that both are entirely thriving and are almost grow up! Thank you again for allowing animals like Lily and Daisy to lead extraordinary and free lives.

Meet Babe and Bongo

Babe and Bongo escaped their lives of captivity, and through the kindness of strangers, they’ve found their way to a life of blissfully welcoming visitors over at Rooterville!

Babe and Bogo’s real story is that they willfully broke out from their captor and wandered right into a vegetarian’s yard. How lucky, huh? If it had been any other person’s yard, they might have ended up on someone’s dinner table or called away with animal control. Instead, these kind people called Rooterville came to the rescue for them.

These two amazing pigs are most likely brother and sister by blood, but even so, they are always siblings in their hearts! Babe and Bongo spend a lot of time together enjoying their lazy days, lounging out in the sun, and playing in the mud pond with their friends. We welcomed both of them officially into the Rooterville family once Babe was spayed. Now both Babe and Bongo live out their lives in a calm and happy expanse of green fields. These two get friendlier and friendlier with every day that goes by, even running up to farm visitors. After you purchase our unique goods to help all of the animals live out their lives, come by and visit these two adorable pigs as they welcome you.

If you’re interested, we would love for you to sponsor Babe and Bongo for $50 a month. Please visit our adoption page here.

Meet Hugo

Hugo is one of Rooterville’s newest additions! Unfortunately, he was abandoned right outside of our property and riddled with injuries. In late 2020, our non-profit charity began to receive calls and messages about a pig wandering outside the sanctuary. Low and behold, when our team went out to check out the reports, there Hugo was a scared and abandoned pot-belly pig just outside of the fence line. 

After several weeks of feeding him outside of the property, giving him anti-parasitic medication, and gaining his trust, the Rooterville team cleverly captured Hugo in a crate. Once captured, they brought him into a clean stall where once he was healthy enough, he was neutered and introduced to the rest of the pigs at our fantastic sanctuary. Hugo now lives out his piggy life with his animal friends and various toys, treats, and belly rubs. He has become quite the sanctuary superstar!

If you’re interested, we would love for you to sponsor Hugo. Please visit our adoption page here.

Meet Jake the Turkey

When the caregivers at Rooterville saw Jake, they knew he would need a bit of extra attention. With some problem solving and creative thinking, Jake was placed with extra affectionate animal friends to help out with his unique needs. Pink Pigs believes that Jake is the perfect example of finding the right niche for an animal’s welfare. Nowadays, he spends his days living with Admiral Fluffy Boots and nine extra-loving potbellied pigs. Jake and his new friends are flourishing, and he is happier than ever, thanks to Rooterville and the support from our customers.

If you’re interested, please consider sponsoring Jake for just 15 dollars a month. You can do so by visiting our adoption page here. In doing so, you will be helping to provide his feed to have a safe, stress-free home with his new friends.

Help Us Help Them

If you’re interested in finding out more about the animals that your purchases help support, we invite you to look at the website for the non-profit pig sanctuary, Rooterville. We would be more than happy to talk to you about the importance of pigs and why they need our help to be free from cruelty. If you’d like to contact us, please call us at (386) 661-2287. You can also speak with our founder, Elaine West, by sending an email to

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