Meet The Founder – The Pink Pigs
Hi! My name is Elaine and I've been an animal lover all my life, maybe just like you! Hardwork, integrity, compassion and generosity have been the principles that have guided my life. I have totally devoted myself to helping animals that no one else was interested in. I care deeply about making this world a kinder, healthier, more compassionate place and you probably do as well.

I opened the Pink Pigs shop because relying on donations is a stressful way to care for hundreds of animals that depend on you for their daily needs (there are over 400 at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary!) So, we thought: "Why not have a store that gives people who care about helping animals and others, just like us, the chance to buy awesome things that help support our beautiful sanctuary and even other charities?" So here we are! As women, we have an affinity for jewelry which may be quite obvious! Hey, you can't feel beautiful if you don't look beautiful, right!?
We hope that, like us, you care enough about making a difference to buy from our store over other stores that only care about their bottom line. In our store, you'll find many unique, high-quality products (many animal themed!) as well as products that are handmade or handcrafted, which further helps small business people here at home and even in other countries.
Every dime you spend with us helps support one of the most incredible animal sanctuaries in the world called Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, you can visit us at . If you need any further information or maybe you're looking for something special that we can help you find or have made for you, please get in touch! We love helping compassionate folks buy great stuff! Jewelry is our specialty though so please make sure to ask if we can help you with anything! 
And, once a month, we'll be featuring another rescue or nonprofit organization that we'll donate a percentage of that month's sales to because we know that being generous with our time, talent and resources helps all of us. And there's no better feeling than knowing that someone's life is better because of you. It's in sowing the seeds of compassion and generosity that we reap the harvest of love and abundance.
Thank you for your interest in our store and our mission. Encouraging Compassion, Inspiring Change. Its what we do at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary and The Pink Pigs! Please join us and help by shopping! Don't forget to share too! Thank you!
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