Our Rooterville Charity – The Pink Pigs

In 2004, Elaine West accepted her calling to care for the many unwanted and abused pot-bellied pigs in need of a safe home and founded the Rooterville Sanctuary. However, Elaine had this calling her whole adult life. Rooterville is a non-profit organization with the mission to rescue abused, neglected and desperate farm animals all over the United States. Since opening the Rooterville Sanctuary, it has grown from 5 acres to over 30 acres. The grand expansion of Rooterville since it’s opening has given hundreds of animals including pigs a safe and permanent home. The sanctuary is not just run by Elaine, however, there are several teammates that are responsible for keeping Rooterville at it’s best every single day. To learn more about the Rooterville team, please visit the Rooterville website. Rooterville’s vision for the world is a cruelty-free place where compassion and kindness are the forming foundations of how we treat one another.

Tour Rooterville

You can tour Rooterville’s 30 acre sanctuary filled with cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, butterflies and so much more. The animals at the sanctuary are all friendly and approachable. The pigs love to have their bellies rubbed! General tours at Rooterville are free, but donations of $10 per person or $30 per family are appreciated. You can also book a private tour with the founder, Elaine West, for $25 per person. For those guests who are traveling from out of town, Rooterville offers convenient locations for a camping-style stay with plenty of RV and camper parking. For more tour or stay information please send an email to visit@rooterville.org

The Pink Pigs

After an accident that left her disabled and her husband's passing shortly after, Elaine was left with over 400 mouths to feed. The Pink Pig is a vehicle for generating revenue to support the Rooterville Sanctuary. Every single dime that you spend in The Pink Pigs is put to good work at the Sanctuary and running a business. Every purchase that is made directly impacts hundreds of lives of rescued animals that live at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary and furthers the non-profits mission. The Pink Pig boutique has something for everyone from apparel to pig purses and everything in between. Members and monthly donors of Rooterville enjoy15% off at The Pink Pig every day as their thanks for supporting the animals. For further information about The Pink Pigs compassionate boutique, please call (386) 661-2287 or send an email to info@thepinkpigs.com

How To Get Involved

Rooterville is home to over 300 animals that include cats, dogs, chickens, cows and pigs! To help give these animals the best life possible, Rooterville needs help from YOU. We invite you to come to Rooterville! Spending time with these truly special animals is enough to melt anyone's heart. What are you waiting for? There are several ways that you can get involved in helping out the animals.

1. Rooterville Rescue Memberships: Members of Rooterville are the lifeline of the sanctuary. Becoming a member means that your support helps contribute to the daily care of all of the rescued farm animals. Included in our membership we have an amazing Adopt A Rescued Animal program. Using this program you can symbolically adopt an animal and help them out with all of their needs and necessities like food, shelter and health care. We have 5 sponsorship/membership options to choose from.

  • Bronze Rooster Membership
  • Silver Goat Membership
  • Gold Cow Membership
  • Platinum Pig Membership
  • Farm Family Membership
2. Volunteer At Rooterville: Volunteers play an important role here at Rooterville. Volunteers should be those people who also care about making the world a better place. During your day spent volunteering you will help care for the rescued animals all while being a part of saving their lives. Training is provided for all volunteers wanting to donate their time to the sanctuary. Some volunteer duties include:
  • Feeding And Watering
  • General Farm Maintenance
  • Bathing And Grooming
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening Chores
3. Shop Our Wishlist: With 400+ animals to care for, Rooterville is always in need of extra supplies. To help with purchasing needed items for Rooterville, visit our Amazon Wish List. Some of our needs include:
  • Fruits And Vegetables
  • Blankets
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies
  • Hay
  • Bird Seed
  • Paper Towels
  • Grooming Supplies

Looking Ahead

Due to the fact that Rooterville is quickly expanding and outgrowing the 30-acre sanctuary, Rooterville is looking to find additional acreage in the area of Orlando, FL. The expansion of Rooterville will need space for a new location that is capable of housing a minimum of a 100 acre sanctuary for the animals, an educational building, a plant based bed restaurant and bed and breakfast. Please contact Elaine West at (386) 661-2287 if you, a company or anyone you know is able to aid in this important expansion. You can also donate to Rooterville.

We Invite you to join us in making the world a kinder place by supporting the Rooterville local charity. Rooterville will greatly appreciate your partnership in their mission of encouraging compassion and inspiring change.

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