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Although a large portion of businesses has suffered from the impacts of the current social climate, small businesses have suffered the most. The small businesses of the world are where true innovation happens. Think pet backpack carriers. As a small business, we have to maintain creativity and stand out amongst those that are bigger and are therefore less impacted by outside factors. Individual retail stores, like ours, are extremely important to help our economy and society thrive as a whole. More now than ever, consumers play a role in our survival of this pandemic.

A lot of shoppers are wanting to do good on a larger scale, but don’t know how to. This is where shopping with small businesses whose core focus is supporting their community comes into play. We understand that not everyone is willing to give to a charity, and we get that. To remedy this, we have a solution: spending money in places that are individually-owned or ones whose overall goal is to support charities with their profits.

When you shop small, you are making a difference. Not only does this help the economy, but when you shop to support instead of getting the best and cheapest deal, you are most likely getting better quality items and having a better experience. These businesses care about their customers, just like we do!

Why You Should Shop At The Pink Pigs Boutique

Founded by a disabled widow who is wildly passionate about making the world a kinder, healthier, and more sustainable place, she has made sure that our boutique gives back to the community it cares so much about. Our store is a non-profit organization that puts every dime of its profits into use for charitable causes. In fact, a majority of the funds that we make here are used to support the animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary to provide them with the love and care that they need.

We Make A Positive Impact On Local Economy

Choosing where your dollars go can help the smaller businesses, like ourselves, supports us and others to stay afloat. In turn, this also can help the economy thrive. Imagine if every person supported our small boutique instead of larger, big-box retailers such as Amazon. The cheapest option is not always the best or smartest. Next time you go shopping, stop and ask yourself: who does this money help? Where does this money go? How many stores can answer these questions? We know we can!

We Are A Sustainable Choice

Did you know that shopping from smaller businesses that support charities can be beneficial to you the consumer? For example, we here at the Pink Pigs find that we are totally transparent with how our items are made and what exactly goes into them. Often there is a shorter process between manufacturing and bringing items into the store which means it passes through fewer hands and gets more care.

We Care About The Customer Experience

Have you ever gone into a large chain store and had a bad experience? Now think: have you ever gone into a locally-owned store and had that same experience? Probably not. Here's the reason why: While large brands have the most experience in providing retail, the amazing small businesses (Us!) of the world are experts in providing personalized customer service that shows that you as the customer matter and that they care. If you have ever shopped with us, you already know that we will bend over backward to make our customers happy.

It would be such a huge loss for communities all over the country if we lost all of our independent stores. Imagine there were no other individual retail stores! Can you imagine the dull range of items for sale? There would be no pig purses, animal gifts, or jewelry for horse lovers. As both a consumer and a business ourselves, we can’t fathom the thought of losing these important aspects of the communities around us.

According to The Hamilton Project, during the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., small business revenue was down a total of 40%. We have a choice to make that matters at the community level and so much further beyond. The ripple effects could be endless. 

We hope that you now understand why where you shop matters. It quite simply can contribute to helping our small business and others around the globe. We know firsthand that we are all an integral part of rebuilding communities and economies.

Support Pink Pigs & Rooterville

We have been so grateful for your support in 2020 and are looking forward to supplying you with fun and interesting items that you can purchase while also helping out Rooterville and other charities that we choose every month in the hopeful year of 2021. Remember that when you shop with us, you’re not fueling a chain store, but providing much-needed resources and supplies to the animals that we support for our non-profit charity. We’re sending a huge thank you from the entire team of humans and animals! If you have any questions or would like more information on Pink Pigs or Rooterville, please contact us at info@thepinkpigs.com or via phone at (386) 661-2287.

Are You A Non-Profit Charity?

Do you have a worthy cause that you would be interested in joining forces on? We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us by sending more information about your charity so that we can see if we're a good fit to help your nonprofit out! Each charity of the month that we choose will receive 10% of the profits made for that month. Please contact The Pink Pigs at (386) 661-2287 or via email at info@thepinkpigs.com to apply or for more information! We look forward to working with you.
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