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Adorable REAL Silver Halloween Rings! Ghosts or Skull & Crossbones, so cute!


These sweet rings were made just for us to share with all of our friends who enjoy the Halloween season and the fun it ushers in!  Get your BOO! on with the cute silver ghost ring, with adorable ghosts all the way around the band.  Made of fine 925 sterling silver for years of enjoyment!  The ghosts come in size 7.  

Or, get ghoulish with the 18K gold plated skull and crossbones for a spooky good time!  The scary skeleton ring comes in sizes 6, 7 or 8.  Please make a comment at checkout to tell us what size you would like when ordering.  We have a limited supply of these fun rings so don't miss out!

Or, double the fun and get both!  Shipping is free and you get a discount the more you order because the less we pay to ship it to you!  Yay!  Happy Walloween everyone!  That's what we'll be celebrating here at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary!  If you can, make sure to join us for BOO at the ROO Sat, Oct 20 from 2-4 for a freakishly good time!

ALL proceeds from your purchases will be put to work helping rescued animals, THANK YOU!