Plush Pig "STELLA" Rooterville Animal Sanctuary's Inspiration



This adorable plush piggy will melt your heart with her teardrop eyes and oh so soft plush fur.  We had her made specially for our friends of Rooterville because of all of the plush piggies, this one looked the most like our sweet Stella!  We hope you love her as much as we do because no pig has touched as many people as sweet Stella, now she can steal your heart or the heart of your loved ones too!

ALL proceeds from your purchase of this sweet piggy help the real piggies at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, thank you for shopping with us!

Hi!  Meet Stella!  Stella is the inspiration for Rooterville and this cute plushie represents her perfectly.  She was the cutest, sweetest, most gentle and affectionate piggy ever to live.  (We're pretty sure about that anyway.)  She was so amazing that we wanted to share her with the world to show everyone how awesome farm pigs really are.  SO, we opened the gates to Rooterville and for the past 15 years, we've been inviting people in to meet real, live farm animals to help change their minds about what a farm animal is really like.

Stella can now touch people around the world with her story of suffering, survival, a second chance and a stellar life as an ambassador for the millions who aren't as lucky as Stella turned out to be.  

We'd love for you to have Stella, her story and pictures are here:  Your purchase will help us care for the hundreds of animals here at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary.  

 You may buy her for only $19.95 + tax.  If you spend more than $75, we'll pay for the shipping so please take a look around at the other awesome products we have while you're here, including some amazing pig jewelry, slippers and more!  If you appreciate what Stella stands for, please make a donation to help us continue to share her with thousands of visitors to Rooterville every year.  Thanks for shopping with us, where buying beautiful things DOES a beautiful thing!

Stella is approximately 7" tall by 5" wide.  Her ears can flop or stand erect (the real Stella had one floppy ear).  She is super-soft plush with embroidered features so she's safe for babies!  She has a Rooterville Logo tag with her name on the other side.

Shipping Policy--FREE on all USA orders over $75! Yay!

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