Spinosaurus Plush Stuffed Dinosaur Realistic - 15"*



We love this realistic looking Spinosaurus Dinosaur and all of the fine plush Dinosaurs by our friends at Wild Republic!  Bring your favorite dinosaur back to life with this perfectly plush stuffed animal Spinosaurus! Once upon a time, the Spinosaurus roamed what is now North Africa, but you'll soon find this cute plushie roaming its way through the house with your little ones. As the largest carnivorous dinosaur, the Spinosaurus grew to be even larger than the T-rex at 49 feet long, and weighing as much as three elephants! WOW!  

ALL proceeds help rescued animals get the love and care they need, thank you for shopping with us!

Shipping Policy--FREE on all USA orders over $75! Yay!

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