925 Pure Silver Necklaces: Guardian Angel, Hearts & MORE! Make Beautiful Gifts!


These beautiful solid sterling silver necklaces are sure to be a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.  For mom's especially, the guardian angel is a sweet gift for your children as they head off to school or college to remind them that your love is always surrounding them as you turn them over to the angels to watch over.  And the other designs are beautiful expressions of your love.  These make amazing gifts and stocking stuffers! They are fine jewelry because sterling silver will last forever and with proper care, it will always look new.  These are beautiful necklaces, our favorites are the Guardian Angel and the Hands Holding a Heart in a Heart and the Heart with Infinity Symbol and....  You get the point!  They are all very beautiful!

Get one, get a set! Share you love with these beautiful, fine pieces of jewelry!

AND all proceeds help the real pink piggies like Lily and Daisy at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary!  Please visit us at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary to meet more adorable animals who get to live the lives they deserve because of good folks like you shopping in their store!  Thank you!