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Honey Bee T Shirt in Light Gray Covered with Adorable Bees! So CUTE!


This adorable bee t-shirt is perfect for the honey bee lovers!  It is a light gray and has cute bees all over it.  It will cause uncontrollable smiling wherever you wear it!  Give this as a gift and see the happiness you create.  You'll be a superstar gifting or just wearing this adorable shirt!  This shirt is a favorite at any event we sell at.  
Its super soft and silky and has a comfy, loose fit.  For the ladies who just want to be comfortable AND cute.  AND all proceeds help the REAL honey bees and rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary like Lily and Daisy the REAL pink pigs!  They say "THOINKS!" for shopping in our store!  Make sure to look at our other awesome bee things like jewelry and socks!  Tell your friends!