Crystal Fantasy Suncatchers- Angel, Fairy, Winged Heart, Tree of Life, Rose*



A cluster of genuine Austrian crystals that sparkle on top of the cute rainbow fairy, mermaid, angel or heart figure will look beautiful hanging in the window and shining in the sun!  Perfect gift for the mystical lover in your life.  

Fairies represent beauty and liberty. Often embodied in a feminine form, they also represent female strength. 

Angels remind you that you are loved and watched over.

Winged Heart:  A large crystal is topped by smaller crystals and a silver winged heart.

Mermaid:  A large crystal is topped by a rainbow of small crystals and a silver mermaid. Mermaids are the sirens of the sea. Using their breathtaking beauty and seductive charm, they enchant sailors and fishermen alike.

Tree of Life:  A large crystal is topped by smaller green crystals and a silver Tree of Life. This stylized Tree of Life has two birds nestled in its branches. A wide-ranging symbol, the Tree of Life can represent strength, beauty, bounty and redemption, making it an excellent gift for almost any occasion.

Flower of Life: A large crystal is topped by smaller crystals and a silver Flower of Life ornament. Composed of overlapping circles, the Flower of Life symbol is known throughout the world as having perfect form, proportion and harmony. Many believe it's the visual representation of the connections that run through all life on Earth.

Winged Heart:  A large crystal is topped by smaller crystals and a silver winged heart.
The heart represents love and wings stand for flight or rising. Together they symbolize the freedom to love and a free spirit.  This winged heart charm tops a cluster of crystals that sparkle and shine in the sun.

Rose:  The beautiful, sparkling flower that will never fade away like your love.


Dimensions: 4.5 in. Long, 10 in. Overall Length (with hanging chain)

Material: Genuine Austrian crystals, nickel-plated brass ornament, silver finish plated brass chain.  

AND all proceeds help the rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary so when you see the beautiful reflections of light, reflect in your heart on the happy animals that you helped!

Shipping Policy--FREE on all USA orders over $75! Yay!

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