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One of the places we spend the most time in is our kitchen.  Why not make it a beautiful retreat?  With our gorgeous Dean Crouser nature inspired pieces, you can do just that!  Surround yourself with the tranquility and beauty of birds, horses, butterflies, whatever you like.  Our beautiful sets and pieces for the kitchen will help you relax, take a breath and remember the beauty of nature right in your own home.  These items make great, thoughtful gifts that will be treasured for many years as well.  Be sure to look closely as there are multiple designs in each category, you can see them all in the picture sections. 

53 products found in Kitchen: Beautiful and Fun Things for the Kitchen

Serving Boards- New Styles! Dragonfly, Hummingbird, MORE!
  • From $29.95
Nature, Animal, Flower Inspired Mugs-High Quality, Beautiful!
  • From $14.95
Bumble Bee Coffee Mug & Snack Plate by Dean Crouser
  • From $16.95
Stemless Wine Glasses-Glorious Nature and Horse Inspired Artwork
  • $44.95
Tea Towels, Made in the USA Kitchen Towels: Bees, Fun with Wine, Wildflowers and more!
  • $9.95
Nature Herb Pot Window Sill Planter Set by Artist Dean Crouser
  • $21.95
Reusable Shopping Bags: Pig, Bee, Dog and MORE!
  • From $3.95
Fantasy Glass Crystal Suncatchers-Eagle, Hummingbird and Dragonfly, Spectacular!
  • $29.95
  • $24.95
Western Inspired Mugs, Art & Household Items: Horses, Bison, Long Horns & MORE Western Finds!
  • $24.95
  • From $12.95
Rooterville Coffee Mugs
  • From $14.95
SS Travel Mugs-Horse, Hummingbird, Cardinal, MORE!
  • $21.95
Nature, Bird & Horse Appetizer Plates-High End Gift for the Home by Artist Dean Crouser Set of 4
  • $54.95
Pig Water Bottle- Stainless Steel Cuteness! Piggy comes in 4 colors now! Yay!
  • $19.95
  • From $16.95
Nature, bird and butterfly inspired snack plates by Artist Dean Crouser-Magnificent!
  • $16.95
Nature, Bird & Animal Inspired Spoon Rests, Colorful, Beautiful!
  • From $11.95
Mermaid Mugs and Soap Dishes
  • From $11.95
Nature Inspired Tableware/Wine Glasses/Mugs Bring the Outdoors In!
  • From $16.95
Green Bee KC Tea Towels - I Cook With Wine Sometimes I Even Add It to The Food Towel
  • $10.00