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Hey Y'all! Spend over $49 and get FREE Shipping!
Hey Y'all! Spend over $49 and get FREE Shipping!

Men's Footwear-Socks/Boots/Shoes/Sandals etc.

Take care of those feet in style!  Socks, shoes, boots and flip flops.  Vegan, cruelty free!  

We get great designer brands of shoes because we buy "overstock" bundles of products from Macy's and Bloomingdales (products leftover after their allotted sales time ends) .  The bad thing is that we cannot pick and choose what comes in our lot.  Leather:  We don't promote the use of leather products and we love our great selection of cruelty-free shoes that we scored for you!  We did get some leather shoes mixed in with the big bundles of product we bought, but we won't list those in our store. We don't create demand for leather products by purchasing new.  That said, if you see something you love, don't wait!  These are the only ones we have available and we probably won't be purchasing any more product from Macy's because of the leather issue we mentioned!  

Thank you so much for shopping with us and doing an awesome thing for animals too!

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