The Inspiring Story Behind The Pink Pigs Boutique

The Inspiring Story Behind The Pink Pigs Boutique


Making a Difference One Purchase at a Time: The Inspiring Tale Behind The Pink Pigs Boutique for Animal Lovers


At The Pink Pigs Boutique, we believe in the power of compassion and making a positive impact on our world. Our store was born from our deeply-rooted passion for helping rescued animals and providing shoppers with a meaningful way to contribute to charitable causes. Every purchase made through our store allows us to give back 100% of the proceeds to Rooterville Animal Sanctuary to serve our beloved furry, feathered and bristley friends in need.

In addition, through our affiliate program, we go one step further by dedicating 20% of EACH SALE to support other worthy causes, amplifying our collective efforts to do good in the world.

Join us on our incredible journey as we explore the story behind our store, our commitment to giving back, and the unique, high-quality products that embody our ethos of making a difference.

Our Inspirational Beginnings

In a world where consumerism often overshadows concerns for the greater good, The Pink Pigs was sparked by a desire to make a difference and spread love. It all started with a group of passionate animal advocates who wanted to create lasting change within their community. Their dedication to help animals in need inspired them to establish an e-commerce platform that would transport people from simply buying products to playing an active role in saving lives and making a positive difference with each purchase.

Becoming Agents of Change

At The Pink Pigs, we proudly embrace our role as agents of change by offering a wide range of unique, high-quality products that align with our values. We carefully curate our collection, partnering with suppliers who are equally passionate about giving back and making a difference. From stylish apparel and accessories to eco-friendly home goods, every item in our store is meticulously sourced to ensure it elevates both individual style and positively impacts our world. New products are added nearly every day!

The Power of Your Purchase

When you shop with us, you become a vital driver of change. Your purchase holds tremendous power, as 100% of the proceeds from each transaction go directly towards helping rescued animals get the love and care they need. These funds help address critical needs, such as providing shelter, food, medical care, and rehoming services to abandoned animals. By investing in our unique products, you are not just elevating your own personal style but contributing to the greater good as well.

Our Affiliate Program – Amplifying the Impact

Not content with solely giving back through our own endeavors at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, The Pink Pigs goes beyond the ordinary. Through our generous affiliate program, we pledge to donate 20% of each sale to other deserving causes. This initiative supports a multitude of organizations and projects, fostering their transformative work in areas such as environmental conservation, education, health and human services and community development. Together, our customers, affiliates, and contributors forge a powerful network united by a shared purpose-making this world a better place with each purchase.  All your favorite charity has to do is sign up and then ask their supporters to SHOP!  20% of each sale will be given to support their good work.  When we work together, our impact will be magnified!


Our Journey stands as a testament that each small endeavor has a ripple effect, transforming lives and making a remarkable difference. With each purchase from our store, you help rescued animals in need, support critical initiatives, and empower like-minded organizations to continue their invaluable work.

Please join us on our remarkable adventure as we strive to leave an indelible impression on the world through compassionate commerce. Together, we can create a brighter future for the most vulnerable on our planet. Start your own journey of giving back today by shopping or registering your charity as an affiliate at The Pink Pigs Boutique!

It is our pleasure to serve you!

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