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Citrine The Beautiful, Earthy November Gemstone

Hi Friends!  I'm a November baby myself so I know all about the beautiful, yellow-hued topaz or better yet, citrine.  As a child, I hated it but the older I get, the more I appreciate the beautiful shades of cheery yellow and the amber shades that capture fall and all of its splendor.  
Citrine is such a beautiful gemstone and it will go with virtually anything too. We have this gorgeous Celtic Love Knot set with Citrine and Diamonds in affordable Sterling silver for you to consider.  We created it and it even has our logo on the chain's tag making it a rare set that others will admire but possibly not be able to purchase as we have a limited supply!  In it, you have the beauty of citrine in a sophisticated yet simple Celtic design.  We love unique and we are pretty sure you won't find a necklace this amazing anywhere else.
Citrine gets its succulent-sounding name from its lemon-yellow coloration. Wearers of the November birthstone are said to experience enlightenment, optimism, warmth, and clarity, as well as a decrease in negative energy. It’s also thought to aid in healing the physical self.  Who couldn't use that?
Believed to carry the power of the sun, citrine is a warm and energizing gemstone. Named for the citron fruit, citrine is a quartz variety that appears in rich shades of yellow and orange. This gorgeous gemstone is said to inspire imagination and creativity. It encourages its wearer to embark on new endeavors and enjoy unfamiliar experiences.
This November birthstone is known as “The Merchant’s Stone,” as it is thought to help attract wealth and abundance. When it comes to relationships, citrine can help resolve problems by increasing understanding and protecting against jealousy, resentment, and other unfavorable emotions.
Unsure what to gift a November baby in your life?  We have many beautiful citrine options!  From rings, to necklaces to jewelry sets, we've got you covered!  Many of the gemstones in our gemstone rings can be changed with whatever stone you desire.  If you see an amethyst ring, but you'd like it in citrine or topaz, just ask!  We're glad to get you the design you like with just the right gemstone for your enjoyment.  We love helping our friends get just what they want at the best possible price!  And ALL proceeds help the rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary so you can FEEL good about your purchases in our store too.  
All of our fine jewelry priced over $1,000 comes with an appraisal by a GIA certified independent jeweler, a $150 value, to make sure you are getting the finest quality and the best value.  We'll back that up with 30 day returns, a 90 day price match guarantee and some of our manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty!  Thanks for shopping with us and with all of the benefits we've discovered for citrine, we hope you find the perfect piece or set to help you benefit from the power of citrine!  
We are passionate about making this world a better place that is why we started The Pink Pigs.  ALL proceeds help rescued animals and help us "encourage compassion, inspire change" here at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization.  Learn more here:
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