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Meet Our Makers-Susan Lordi, Willow Tree Sculputures


It is our pleasure to bring you the most beautiful gift items, carefully crafted and made to make them stand out in the sea of sameness.  It is a beautiful thing to meet the artist behind the creations to add a depth of uniqueness and charm.  Here you will find the most beautiful creations to be the perfect gift for friends, family, loved ones, or yourself! 

When you buy from us, the gifting doesn't stop with the pieces and presents in the collections. Your special present benefits Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, a place where mistreated, abandoned, and hurt animals find healing and peace. Your purchase gifts an animal with the medical attention, food, and love they need to live the best lives possible.  These animals become the ambassadors for the millions we cannot save and they get to meet thousands of visitors every year.  You, our awesome customer, save lives and make our work possible. 

It all starts with our talented and compassionate makers!  Meet this month's featured maker, Susan Lordi.  We find her sculptures extremely special and if you've seen them, you'll know why.  With a keen eye for the intimate and soft expressions of human emotions, Susan creates sculptures that warmly reflect this special intuition. 

Susan is the artist behind Willow Tree sculptures. Inspired by the history of art, dance and movement, nature, and her own life experiences, she creates deeply resonating figures that express the softest and innermost feelings. She reflects love, hope, comfort, and human connection in her lovely pieces. 
These figurines are full of care and detail--but perhaps not in the way one would expect. Rather than an intricately sculpted face or delicate fingers and toes, Susan uniquely captures the heart and soul of the mood through the pose of her figures. Her intricacy lies in the distinctive curves, tilts, and gentle movement of the human form. These smooth, expressive statues, with their minimalistic and heartfelt features, leave nothing to be desired. 

Susan's Promise figure is the perfect example of this gentle lovely artistic style. A couple tenderly embraces, sharing a quiet moment of soft compassion and warm protection. What better way to reflect and celebrate the delights of love, new and old, than a figure that captures them so sweetly? 
Looking to say "thank you"? Susan's figurines are the perfect embodiment of such a phrase. Her "You're the Best!" angel figure is one of several that your loved one is sure to adore. A kind angel with playful wings leans gingerly forward, her head gleefully tilted in admiration, presenting a token of her gratitude: a cheerful, bright red apple. Teachers, friends, and family alike will joyfully look on your gift of gratitude and kindness for years to come. 

Whatever you want to celebrate, whatever message you wish to deliver, Willow Tree sculptures accomplish it with precise and loving care. No words are necessary with these wonderful figures. 

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