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March Birthstone- Aquamarine


Aquamarine is the gem that represents those born in the month of March. The gem is renowned for being as calming, soothing, and cleansing as the sea, and also for inspiring truth, trust, and letting go. Aquamarine was often carried by sailors as good luck charms during long adventures and was told of being one of the most prized possession amongst mermaids.

The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin meaning "water of the sea," and refers to its sparkling ocean-like color. The pale blue color transparent crystal is a member of the Beryl family. Its color, sometimes bluish green, is caused by iron oxides within the chemical makeup of the stone. In ancient history, it was believed that aquamarine was tied to the moon like the current of the ocean.

When it comes to healing properties, Aquamarine is the throat chakra which helps those that have lost their voice to speak once more. It is known for inspiring courage and positive change and emitting compassionate energy to those that possess it. Aquamarine inspires judgmental people to be more tolerant, and those who are feeling overwhelmed to find order. This gem is ideal to have when sailing the roughest of seas, and the most stressful of situations.

Caring For Your Aquamarine

To care for Aquamarine jewelry is quite easy. While they are not as tough as diamonds, they are a rather hardy stone and can brave most situations. Yet, make sure you keep them away from harsh chemicals and alcohol in order to make sure they live well into the future. Clean your aquamarine at least once a year in a warm soap bath. Use lukewarm water and dish soap in a bowl and place the aquamarine at the bottom of the bowl. Let the aquamarine sit in the bowl for several minutes before removing it. Once removed rinse off the aquamarine in lukewarm water and then pat dry. When cleaning your aquamarine stay away from scrubbing clothes and brushes. Also, avoid any cleaner with ammonia or alcohol has it can harm the aquamarine. 

History Making Aquamarine Gems

Aquamarine has had its time in the spotlight and can be seen on display in museums to preserve its history. The Dom Pedro Aquamarine masterpiece is the largest faced aquamarine gemstone in the world which is almost 36cm in length & a staggering 10363 carats. This stone was cut by the so-call “Picasso of Gems” Bernd Munsteiner and can be seen on display next to the Hope Diamond in the Smithsonian National Gem & Mineral Collection in Washington. 

Mrs. Eleonore Rossevelt was gifted an absolutely show-stopping piece of aquamarine during her and her husband, President Roosevelts’ trip to Brazil in the time following the second presidential election in 1936. The stone was the largest cut aquamarine piece at the time and part of the Brazilian President Getúlio Vargas private collection. It is a whopping 1298 carats & was part of a larger rough stone weighing over 1,3kg which was cut in Amsterdam.

A Compassionate Way To Shop For Aquamarine

For those looking for their own piece the sea, we have a beautiful selection of aquamarine jewelry here at The Pink Pigs. Much like aquamarine, our store emits compassion to all things living. All proceeds from The Pink Pigs goes right to the amazing rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary. When heroes like you purchase from us we are able to help these animals live the life they deserve. 

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