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5 Reasons to Give Jewelry as a Gift


Are you tired of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with routine gift cards? But what about buying jewelry for gift giving? Don't let the thought of the $50 billion-plus American jewelry market scare you from reading this guide.  

Some of the best jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. Buying jewelry like our charm bracelets is enough to say I love you. And this guide helps you understand why jewelry is a great gift idea for all occasions. 

We offer fine gold, silver, and everyday jewelry for everlasting sentimental value. So, consider your gift ideas worries over with these five reasons to purchase jewelry.  

1) It's Perfect Gift Giving for All Occasions 

For birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, buying jewelry is in style. However, sometimes you don't always know what gift to get. So, buying jewelry are excellent gift ideas that save time and headache.  

Gift Giving for Spouses or Partners

Romantic holidays like Valentine's day usually call for flower bouquets and fancy restaurants. But, they might also bring gift ideas stress. With our elegant fine jewelry, she'll know you care. 

Fellows, are you ready to make that marriage proposal? Like anniversaries, marriage proposals are perfect moments for buying jewelry. As you prepare for that special date to drop on one knee, an engagement ring forever cements that magical moment. 

2) Good Jewelry Lasts   

Some expensive gifts like clothes and shoes wear out. But, we believe in making lasting and loving memories. And with our gold and solid sterling jewelry, your token of affection can endure for decades

3) Jewelry Can Increase in Value

You don't only have to buy fine new jewelry for it to appreciate. With the proper care, some new jewelry can appreciate. And some jewelry retains its resale value longer than others.     

A well-maintained ring might be tradeable for other new jewelry. Also, the jewelry's raw materials impact its resale value. 

Our rings are of solid sterling silver or gold plated. And some have genuine 10K or 18K diamond ascents. So the ring's recipient might receive a tidy sum with the proper appraisal. 

4) The Best Jewelry Is Universal

Unlike outfits that don't always fit, the right jewelry complements men and women, young and old. Also, while specific colors complement certain skin tones more than others, jewelry differs. 

So that special someone's race doesn't matter when buying jewelry. And, of course, diamond rings go with all skin tones.  

5) You Can Customize Jewelry  

You can keep the jewelry as it is to maintain sentimental value. Another string reason for buying jewelry is for customization and upgrades. 

Also, sometimes you might not have the funds to buy expensive new jewelry. But you can buy affordable jewelry and increase its value with upgrades like rubies and gems.   

More on Gift Giving

Don't pass up our faith jewelry collection if you want to express your faith. And a portion of the jewelry proceeds goes to ministries in our circle. 

Buying jewelry isn't the only thing we offer at Pink Pigs. If you want to jazz up your home or office decor, consider our unique decor selection for gift giving.

Do you want to show your pet your love? We also provide an extensive pet selection like toys and grooming items. And don't forget about kids' jewelry and watch selection. 

Contact us today for more gift-giving ideas. We even have gift ideas for men.

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