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Celebrate Mothers Day with Pink Pigs


Without our mothers, none of us would be here today. These strong women carried us for nine months and birthed us into the world as we know it. The origin of the Mother’s Day celebration in the U.S. dates back to the 19th century. It began with “Mother’s Day Work Clubs,” which taught women how to properly take care of their children and moved into “Mothers’ Friendship Day,” eventually becoming an official holiday in the 1900s. Today, so many different versions of Mother’s Day are celebrated worldwide. In the United States, May 9th marks the celebration of mothers everywhere. This day consists of gifting jewelry, flowers, and quality time spent with family.

Many of us fall back to the classic gifts to give mom on Mother’s Day, but this year, especially, bring thoughtfulness to your present. Here at The Pink Pigs, we offer a wide variety of goods, from fun and silly to elegant and sophisticated. Whether you’re near or far from your parent, The Pink Pigs has unique items that will let them know you’re thinking about them. Keep reading below to find our breakdown of boutique gift suggestions for every type of mom.

The Fur Mom

For the moms who may or may not have children of their own but have a few furry four-legged babies, these gifts are for them. Nothing will put a smile on their face as much as a “fur mama” mug or an embroidered dog and cat tea towel. One of the items we especially love for all the pet mothers out there is the Blush Fur Mama Stemless Wine Glass. This wine glass is sure to make the PUR-fect product for any pet lover. Wine + pet cuddles = happiness.

The Sentimental Mom

Make a sentimental mom’s eyes misty by sharing just how much you love her on this extra-special holiday. Celebrate her with a mother-daughter pendant to allow her to always keep her family next to her heart. If she isn’t one for jewelry, a figurine with a dedicated quote can fill their heart like no other. One of our favorite carved figures is the “Thanks, Mom For Helping Me Grow” angel that can be treasured forever. This sweet angel will delight mom and let her know how much she has helped you become the person you are today.

The Artistic Mom

The creative and artsy moms are always colorful, full of life, and bring smiles to the faces of everyone they talk to. Why not give them something to carry that’s as colorful as their spirit? The Pink Pigs offers a Cotton Handbag that actually benefits mothers in Ghana. If you often see your mom with paint covering her overalls, a set of plates by Dean Crouser will make their heart sing the happiest of tunes. If you really want to surprise this type of mom on Mother’s Day, we suggest Mermaid Kisses Artisian Soap that’s as unique and amazing as they are!

The Fashionable Mom

Moms deserve to know how much they make the world glitter! For the moms with enviable fashion, we’ve got a few of the perfect gifts to make their eyes sparkle like diamonds. There is something for every fashionable mom to enjoy from our large selection of jewelry and wearable items like our stylish Square Poem Scarf with tassels and stunning Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring. For a unique and unsuspecting piece of jewelry, give mom an ever-so elegant Yellow Gold Medallion Brooch that likely isn’t something they have in their collection yet. Moms deserve to know how much they make the world glitter!

The Mom With Everything

We all know that one mom out there who has everything they could ever ask for. If you struggle with finding unique items that they're sure not to have, The Pink Pigs has got your back. One of our favorite off-the-wall items is the Flying Pig Planter! If mom ever uses the phrase "when pigs fly," then she will adore this product. Is mom a gardener? How about our Cat Watering Can! Since our team are fans of saving the bees, we have to mention our love for this uncommon Bee Wall Clock! Be as sweet as honey when gifting this clean, modern clock to your parent.

Gifts For Mom at Pink Pigs

Have you browsed our array of giftable items yet? If not, we encourage you to browse our Mother’s Day items which you can find here. We are happy to assist you in any help you may need when ordering on our website or looking for a specific item for your mom. Please contact us at (386) 661-2287 or via email at info@thepinkpigs.com. The Pink Pigs and Rooterville wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers all across the world.

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