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Here at The Pink Pigs, you’ll be happy to know that all proceeds from our sales go to helping the rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary! We currently have about 400 animals in our sanctuary who need plenty of care, love, and of course, food. While all of our merchandise makes great gifts for animal lovers because the proceeds directly impact animals, we also have some vegan-themed gifts for those who go above and beyond to help animals by eliminating animal products from their diets.

At Rooterville, we promote a plant-based lifestyle. For those who are already vegan, or know someone who is, we offer a huge collection of vegan t-shirts, jewelry, vegan bumper stickers, and more so you can promote a meat-free lifestyle and know that your purchase goes directly to helping the animals in our sanctuary and helping us teach others about plant-based living.

The Benefits Of A Vegan Lifestyle

Living a vegan lifestyle has many benefits other than just a clean conscious and being able to wear all of our cute vegan t-shirts and jewelry.

When you eliminate meat from your diet, you rely more on other foods for nutrients. Most vegans eat more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and other foods that are packed with nutrients, fiber, and vitamins. Of course, this is a choice you need to make because vegans can also just eat tater tots all day and still be vegan. If you are vegan or vegetarian, make sure you are still getting all of the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

The elimination of certain meats from the diet and the increased intake of whole foods can also reduce the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, kidney issues, and other diet-related health problems.

Living a vegan lifestyle has more than just personal health benefits. The meat industry is a major contributor to global warming. While one person adopting a vegan lifestyle won’t fix our environmental crisis, you can certainly feel good knowing that you are making a personal decision to reduce your impact on climate change.

Take Things One Step At Time

We know that meat is a huge part of many peoples’ diets and quitting meat (excuse the pun) cold turkey is almost destined for failure. When embarking on a meat-free lifestyle, try to take things one step at a time. Eat a meatless lunch one day a week at work. Eliminate one animal from your diet every month. Join in on “Meatless Mondays” and cook a healthy plant-based dinner for yourself and your family. Instead of going to a steakhouse or burger joint for dinner, find a local place that caters to vegans and vegetarians. When you become comfortable with this, take the next step. Perhaps you want to pledge to eliminate animal products from your lunch every single day or cook two or three meals a week without animal products.

When you take these baby steps, you realize that there are other ways to get the protein you need in your diet and that you can eliminate animal products without starving or depriving yourself of tasty food.

Support A Vegan Or Spread A Message

Perhaps you found our vegan t-shirts because you are looking for gifts for a vegan friend or family member. Getting a vegan person a vegan message t-shirt that says “Love animals? Don’t eat them” or “Eat fruit, not friends” is a great way to show your support for them while also going above and beyond by supporting our animal sanctuary.

If you are vegan or vegetarian yourself, then you can feel good knowing that your dollars do double duty at our store. Not only will you be publically spreading awareness about a plant-based lifestyle, but you are also helping us rescue animals and spread awareness to those who visit our sanctuary.

Buy Vegan-Themed T-Shirts, Jewelry, And More Today!

Make sure to check out our entire collection of vegan gifts, t-shirts, and other items today. We have so many cute vegan message shirts, vinyl bumper stickers, sweatshirts, jewelry, and even glow-in-the-dark vegan socks! You or the vegan in your life will love adding these items to your wardrobe and you can feel good knowing you’re helping the little piggies, chickens, dogs, cows, and other animals at our sanctuary.

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