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Learn About Emeralds And Our Emerald Jewelry Online


It’s May! We are right in the middle of spring, so it only makes sense that May’s birthstone is a gorgeous green gem that is absolutely brimming with life. May’s birthstone is the emerald, and today we’d like to take some time to discuss this beautiful gem (and how you can find some emerald jewelry online right here at The Pink Pigs)!

Where Are Emeralds From?

The emerald has been a cherished gem for thousands of years, with the earliest emerald mines dating back to at least 2000 BC. Early emerald mining primarily occurred in Egypt, as the green gem was a personal favorite of Cleopatra. Emeralds can be found throughout the world, but these days most natural emeralds come from Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia.

What Makes A Good Emerald?

Every precious gem has factors that determine its worth. When it comes to emeralds, the most important element is the color. The finest emeralds are a bluish-green or pure green. The stone should also have great clarity and evenly distributed color.

Gems Of Fashion And Luxury

While diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, emeralds are another luxury gem associated with class and sophistication. As we mentioned, Cleopatra was one of emerald’s earliest fans and, at one point, claimed ownership of all emeralds in Egypt!  

Other notable emerald lovers include Elizabeth Taylor who was acquainted with the gem while depicting Cleopatra in a movie and Jackie Kennedy, who famously wore an engagement ring that had both a large diamond as well as an emerald.

King Edward VIII, who famously abdicated the throne of England in 1936 for love, proposed to Wallis Simpson with a nearly 20-carat emerald! Emeralds have played such a large role in so many lives that it’s no surprise they are one of the few gems chosen to represent a month.

More Than Just Good Looks

While emeralds are no doubt gorgeous, throughout history they have played a very important role in many different cultures. Many believed that the green color of emeralds was soothing to the eyes and stonecutters would spend hours staring at the gem after a hard day of work. Ancient Egyptians used the calming green color to ease the pain of childbirth and mummies were buried with emeralds in hopes that it would grant eternal youth. Other cultures used emeralds to ward off evil spirits or to grant them the protection of God.

Buy Emerald Jewelry From The Pink Pigs

Here at the Pink Pigs, we have plenty of emerald jewelry so you can celebrate your birth month or simply rock a piece of jewelry you love! We offer authentic emeralds as well as emerald-like jewels and created emeralds that are more budget-friendly.

Make sure to check out our emerald jewelry online, including our affordable created emerald heart jewelry set, our gorgeous vintage-style emerald engagement ring, our genuine emerald earrings, and the rest of our fine emerald jewelry! Celebrate your birth month in style or simply show off your love for these little green gems!

Best of all, sales of our jewelry go to supporting Rooterville, our pig and animal sanctuary! With your purchase, you not only get an amazing piece of jewelry. You also get to feel good knowing that your purchase is helping to feed hundreds of hungry mouths at our sanctuary.

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