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Learn About August’s Birthstone: Peridot


Here at The Pink Pigs, we are thrilled to offer gorgeous fine jewelry from our online boutique store. While we offer a wide variety of jewelry, all of it has one thing in common: all of the proceeds from the jewelry (and other gifts) we sell goes directly to helping the 400+ rescue animals cared for by the Rooterville Animal Sanctuary! If you love beautiful jewelry and animals, then this is the place to shop!

Every month, we like to highlight the jewelry we offer featuring that month’s birthstone. August happens to be peridot, and we have plenty of fine peridot jewelry for sale at The Pink Pigs. Read on to learn more about the August birthstone! 

About Peridot

Peridot is a gorgeous olive-green gemstone. While many gemstones come in a variety of colors, peridots are always an olive-green color, but may swing toward lime-green or yellow-brown depending on how much iron is present in the crystal structure. The ideal peridot is considered to be a clear, bright green with just a hint of yellow. 

The History Of Peridot

Peridot has been mined for thousands of years, with the earliest known peridot mining happening as early as 1,500 B.C. near the Red Sea where they were mined for Egyptian kings. Unlike other gems, peridot is found deep within the Earth’s mantle. Because of this, it is most often found in lava and volcanic ash deposits or near tectonic plates. The only other gems formed as deep down as peridots are diamonds!

Peridot used to be mined at night because the rich hue of the stone was illuminated by the moonlight. However, this is now less common as many nighttime predators pose a risk for miners. 

Where Does Peridot Jewelry Come From?

Peridot is mined primarily in Arizona, but is also mined in smaller quantities in Hawaii, Nevada, Arkansas, and New Mexico, as well as locations throughout Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and China. Peridot is often formed under extreme conditions and can be found everywhere from hardened lava to meteorites. 

Peridot Jewelry For August Birthdays And Anniversaries

Peridot is the August birthstone and is also a common gem to gift on the 16th wedding anniversary! It believed peridot was assigned to August because it represents the transition from summer to fall. While still green and vibrant, many peridot gems have a hint of gold or yellow which can symbolize the leaves changing colors. 

In early civilizations, peridot was thought to drive away darkness and evil because it could “glow” with just the smallest amount of moonlight hitting it. People used it to ward off nightmares, evil spirits, dark magic, anger, and cowardice. Peridot is also thought to promote forgiveness, confidence, and self-worth. 

Caring For Peridot Jewelry

Compared to other gems, peridot is relatively soft. Peridot may crack if subjected to sudden temperature changes, so it is not advised to use steam to clean this stone. That said, it is fine to use most commercial jewelry cleaners or gentle soaps to clean peridot.

Be careful not to expose peridot to harsh chemicals, as these can penetrate the stone and make it weak. Take off any peridot jewelry while cleaning or applying cosmetics such as hair sprays or lotions. 

Where To Buy Peridot Jewelry

As we mentioned above, our online boutique store has beautiful peridot jewelry for sale online! Whether you or a loved one was born in August, you’re celebrating your 16th anniversary, or you simply love this green gemstone, then be sure to check out our products! 

Remember, with every purchase you make from our online boutique store, The Pink Pigs, you are directly helping animals in need. All proceeds from our store go directly to our animal sanctuary in Melrose, Florida where we care for over 400 pigs, goats, cows, chickens, dogs, and other animals with big appetites! 

Check out a few of our favorite peridot pieces that we offer below! 

Our Favorite Peridot Jewelry Pieces

Peridot Engagement Ring: This gorgeous peridot ring features a diamond halo so it sparkles beautifully. Perfect for a bride with an August birthday, an August wedding, or as a gift for your 16th wedding anniversary! 

Affordable Silver Peridot Ring: Big, sparkly, and ultra-affordable, this peridot ring features five large peridot stones, totaling 4 carats. It makes the perfect gift for any August-born lady in your life, or buy it for yourself and reap the spiritual benefits that many believe peridot can offer! 

Peridot Birthstone Jewelry Set: Why choose one piece of jewelry when you can have a matching set? This peridot birthstone jewelry set features a peridot ring, peridot pendant necklace, and matching peridot earrings. 

Shop The Pink Pigs Today!

What piece of peridot jewelry is speaking to you? Our online boutique store is here to make shopping for gorgeous fine jewelry simple, easy, and rewarding, as you will leave feeling amazing that your purchase is directly helping our animals. Shop the entire boutique today!

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