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Pig Jewelry To Celebrate The Year Of The Pig!


Have you heard anyone lately saying that 2019 is the year of the pig? If you’re not familiar with the Chinese zodiac, you might be wondering what exactly that means. If you are familiar with the Western zodiac which assigns ‘signs’ to people based on their birth month, then the Chinese zodiac will be easy to grasp. The Chinese zodiac occurs in a cycle of twelve lunar years, with each year having its own animal assigned to it. This year, the last in the 12-year cycle, is the year of the pig, as was 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, and so forth. 

So, what’s so special about the year of the pig? Keep reading to learn more and be sure to shop The Pink Pigs for fun pig-themed jewelry and other amazing gifts for animal lovers!

Meaning Of The Year Of The Pig

Those who were born in the year of the pig might get a bad rap. Legend has it that the pig is the twelfth and final sign in the Chinese zodiac because he took a nap and was the last one to show up, instilling the idea that pigs are lazy creatures. However, it is agreed that pigs have beautiful personalities and their chubby cheeks and large ears signify that they will have good fortune in life. 

While many other signs are “all talk and no walk,” pigs are the opposite. They do not stand out in a crowd, but they will go above and beyond to fulfill their responsibilities. They tend to be materialistic and like to treat themselves, but they work hard to have the money to do so. Pigs are social butterflies, enjoy teamwork, and can find happiness in any situation. Pigs are very genuine and gentle, but can sometimes be over-friendly and overstep boundaries. 

Check Out Our Pig-Themed Jewelry

Whether you were born in the year of the pig, you want to celebrate the good fortune that 2019 can bring, or you simple love all things pig, we have plenty of pig-themed jewelry for you! Best of all, all proceeds from your purchase of anything from our site go to helping the hundreds of pigs and other animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

Pig Necklaces

We have a ton of pig necklaces to choose from! From our rose gold pig necklace covered in cubic zirconia crystals to our rose gold flying pig necklace, and many more in between, you will love wearing a little pig around your neck! 

Pig Rings

We have a few pig rings that are the perfect accessory to wear every day. This sparkly cubic zirconia ring features a cute piggy that wraps around your finger so he looks like he is holding on! We also have another wraparound pig ring that you can purchase alone or as a set complete with a pig necklace and earrings!

Pig Earrings

Speaking of pig earrings, we love our rose gold pig earrings that are part of the set mentioned above! Finally, we have another jewelry set that comes with a sleek pig ring and cute pig earrings! Don’t miss out on any of these items if you want to show off your love of pigs every single day! 

Other Items For Pig Lovers

Of course, we know that not everyone loves animal-themed jewelry! If that’s the case and you still want to show pride for being born in the year of the pig (or, if you’re like us, every year is a year full of pigs!), we have some other great pig-themed knick-knacks

We have a huge collection of pig t-shirts, slippers, hats, socks, stuffed toys, and so many more fun items that you, or the pig lover in your life, will adore. Whatever you are looking for, either for yourself or for a friend, you are bound to find it here at The Pink Pigs — and you can support a good cause while you shop! 

Celebrate The Year Of The Pig With The Pink Pigs

This year, we hope you will help us celebrate the year of the pig by doing a little something to help these sweet animals! All proceeds from The Pink Pigs go toward helping our animal sanctuary that cares for over 400 animals. We have many different animals on our sanctuary ranging from cows to turkeys to bees, but our cornerstone has always been pigs. 

Shop our collection of pig-themed jewelry for yourself or give an item as the perfect gift for an animal lover in your life! Or, you can support us by donating directly to the sanctuary or visiting us in person the next time you are in Melrose, Florida! 

Whichever way you choose to help out the sanctuary and keep our small shop running strong, we truly appreciate it. We can’t wait for you to receive your new piggy themed gift! 

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