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Spectacular Sapphire-The Stone of Many Colors-Birthstone of September


Sapphire is known for its deep hues and varied uses. Typically a characteristic blue, sapphire is heavily sought after and makes for gorgeous jewelry pieces. (If you’ve spent any time browsing through our lovely sapphire jewelry pieces for sale, you already know this!)

Sapphire History

Sapphires have been prized for their properties for centuries. Ancient Greeks and Romans wore sapphire to deter evil and envy. Religious figures, such as priests and clergymen, wore sapphires to represent the glory of heaven. Sapphire has been long since believed to be a bringer of truth, courage, friendship, and faithfulness.

In Medieval times, sapphire was worn by the wives of men returning from war as a test for infidelity. If the stone changed color, it was supposed that the woman was unfaithful while her husband was away. Prized by the Catholic church, sapphires were believed to create the blue of the sky by reflecting their deep hues into the heavens. 

Famous Sapphires

Blue Giant of the Orient

This aptly-named sapphire is truly a beauty. Weighing in at 486.52 carats and named the largest faceted sapphire in the world, this stone was mined and cut in 1907 in Sri Lanka. 

Despite being pretty hard to miss, the Blue Giant disappeared not long after its faceting. It mysteriously vanished from the press’ sight for about 100 years. Finally, in 2004, it resurfaced without warning at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale. Even more mysterious were the discrepancies that arose upon the stone’s resurfacing. For one, the stone mined in 1907 was labeled as a Ceylon sapphire, while the one at Christie’s was labeled as a Kashmir. Kashmir has no record of producing a stone as immense as the Blue Giant. Furthermore, the original record of the elusive sapphire claimed a hefty 466 carats. The one at Christie’s claimed 486.52. This may be due to a simple mistake in its original weighing (or perhaps a bit of overestimating for the sake of value). 

The stone was eventually sold to a private collector and is back under the radar. 

The Star of India

Named for the illustrious star shape it reflects, the Star of India is a beauty indeed. Weighing an impressive 563.35 carats, it is a smooth, round, nearly opaque stone. The stone reflects light in the form of a six-pointed star. This is due to the unique way the stone was formed and polished. The fibers of star sapphires are formed in such a way that when they are polished, they reflect light in a star shape. The Star of India, unlike other star sapphires, reflects the star on both sides.

The history of this remarkable stone is unclear. What we do know, however, is that the Star of India was part of an absurd jewel heist. 

On October 9th, 1964, a group of thieves infiltrated the American Museum of Natural History. They entered the building through a second-story bathroom window and gathered 20 or so priceless jewels from the J.P. Morgan Hall of Gems, including the DeLong Star Ruby and the Eagle Diamond. Incredulously, they discovered that the only jewel guarded with an alarm system was the Star of India. Much to their advantage, the battery that powered the aforementioned alarm system was dead. With their treasures, the thieves left the building through the same bathroom window. 

Unfortunately for the burglars, the gems were difficult to pawn off due to their fame and ease of recognition. Less than two days after the crime, police recovered most of the gems, including the Star of India, in a locker at a Miami bus station. Not among those gems, however, was the Eagle Diamond, which was never found by officials. 

Currently, the Star of India rests back in the American Museum of Natural History. (Hopefully, they’ve invested into rechargeable batteries or something by now.)

Caring for Your Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphires don’t require as much careful attention as other, softer stones. However, the metal they are fixed in should still be considered during inspection and cleaning. 

Caring for your sapphires at home is easy. Mix a few drops of mild, abrasive-free dish soap into a bowl of warm water. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently scrub any grime from your jewelry. If the piece is particularly dirty (no shame: we’ve all been there!) try soaking it for a few hours first. Just be sure that you aren’t soaking (or scrubbing) any soft stones that may accompany the sapphire in the jewelry. Your sapphire can handle it; unfortunately, not all gems can!

Once the soapy scrub is complete, rinse with clean water and dry it with a soft towel. All done! Bring on the sparkle and shine.

Sapphire Pieces from The Pink Pigs

Whatever your taste and style, there is a sapphire to suit it! By purchasing your dream jewelry from The Pink Pigs, you not only get a fine quality gemstone piece at a great price, but your purchase also helps rescued animals!  Take a look at the lovely sapphire pieces we have to offer today!

Elegant Sapphire, Diamond, 14K Yellow Gold Ring

One of our best sellers, you won’t find a piece this eloquent at a better price. A natural, untreated sapphire lies between dainty rows of genuine diamonds, nestled in glossy 14K gold. Simple yet glamorous, this ring is a piece that won’t break the bank, but sure looks like it could. This ring is a perfect choice for everyday wear.

Sapphire Gemstone Sterling Silver Bracelet

Smooth sterling silver studded with exquisite, genuine sapphires (or other gemstones of your choice!) make up this sumptuous bracelet. Wear it to a romantic dinner, a mimosa-splashed brunch, or to your next outing. (Or around the house. It’s never a bad time to feel splendid in sapphire.)

Do a quick search on our website to see a variety of gorgeous sapphire jewelry in all colors and price points and even sapphire colored suncatchers to bring the beauty of sapphires indoors to brighten your home and enjoy in your space!  Thank you for shopping with us!  ALL proceeds from your purchase in our store helps rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary!

Our fine jewelry over $500 comes with an independent appraisal (a $150 value), 30 day no hassle returns, a 90 day price match guarantee and option to trade up at any time.  We would be honored to help you find the perfect gemstone piece!

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